INR okay on the day!

So my ablation went ahead Monday at 1.30! 4 hours under general anaesthetic leaves one feeling totally wiped out!

Got home tea time yesterday. To continue with flecainide for at least 4 weeks then can slowly reduce them. This is my second procedure the last being 5 years ago which gave me 4 years symptom free! Hope the result will be even better this time!

Have been advised not to do much for 3 weeks which I think I will find difficult!

Have all sorts of aches and pains this morning but no AF, groin hardly even bruised though so pleased with that! Chest rattling a wee bit but think that's probably from the anaesthetic. Taking Colchcine for 1 week as I suffered from pericarditis after last ablation!

Will post again in a couple of days with progress!!

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  • Good news then but do take it easy. A slow and gentle recovery works best. My nurse told me do nothing for the first week and not a lot more for the second and then slowly ease back into things.

  • That sounds more realistic Bob, I have my own business so can't see myself being away from work for 3 weeks but will definitely take it slowly. My husband is employed in school so is on holiday at the moment, very helpful as he is standing in for me!

    I like to run, something I found I enjoyed about 12 months ago, (am 59 by the way). How,long do you think before I could consider a little exercise? Didn't think to ask my consultant!

  • Listen to your body and act accordingly. Take it easy .

  • Ask your consultant at the ablation. They may say a month or they could say up to 6 months when the scarring / healing will have finished (quite possibly after 3 months) because each person can be quite different. However note that even for the same person one EP could say 1 month and the next 3 months!!!

    Good luck!!

  • As to duration your health is the most important aspect. It is very easy to undo all the good work done by the EP during those early stages. It is just my observation but a lot (but not the majority) who go back into AF quite quickly seem to get it worse. I lasted less than 72 hours in NSR.

  • I started gentle , slow walking around the block, daily, 10minutes or so after about 10 days. Initially that was tiring but gradually strength came back and was able to increase time and length. Took about 2 months to get somewhere near I was. I've just had a second procedure and that hasn't anywhere near the same affect. ie, not so tired and shattered! Regarding the bruising mine took about a week to appear.

  • So will do the same then checkmypulse! Sounds reasonable, feeling very fuzzy this morning almost like a migraine aura but no pain, difficulty concentrating .! Did you experience any of this?

  • Glad to hear it all went well. What was your INR on the day of your ablation?

    I had the migraine aura for about a week or so after my 3rd ablation. Didn't have it at all with the first two.


  • Hi Jean, INR was 2.3 on the day. I didn't have this migraine aura with my first so wonder if it's the general anaesthetic as my first was done under sedation? Still feeling pretty spaced out not really ventured out of bed today!


  • Hi Chris - Yes, my first two ablations were done under sedation and I didn't have the aura with them. Third was under general anaesthetic and I did, so you could be right. Good job your INR didn't go any lower, you went from one extreme almost to the other!


  • It was a fine line Jean but they seemed happy to proceed! Suppose they can top it up with heparin if they need! Can't say I remember feeling anything like this after my last 5 years's hoping this will be the last


  • Often quoted is that it is the piercing of the septum that is the largest single cause. I had sedation and I had auroras!!!

  • Yes the Aura is quite common after procedure, had it both times ,also had a 'silly' cough that comes and goes, one day ok next day back. This lasted a couple of months the first time. 5 weeks on since 2nd I have it, not quite so noticeable this time.

  • I am coughing a wee bit and and my head really hurts when I do! Again I think it's the anaesthetic! Actually feel as if I've been run over by a bulldozer this afternoon!! Hopefully will improve tomorrow!

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you feel physically at 5 weeks post? AF aside?


  • Feel very good, still get tired after the day's jobs....still taking it easyish.....but no AF , sometimes feel a few flutters as if it may be starting again but short lived. So my score will be 8, get over the tiredness could well be 9.5. I note your first lasted 4 years, I hope to beat that. Ha. We'll see. Take care.

  • I hope you beat that too, it's life changing when it works!! What meds are you taking currently?

  • Biso 1.25 to take daily till review in clinic in November, Plus the warf as well of course. I have some 2.5 Biso and Flec 50mg in reserve to take if AF returns.

  • Yes.... I had migraine auras..... couldn't read print at one point. It cleared up after the first week. Walking is good, by the way......but if you want company, do warn friends that they will have to slow down to stay in pace with you! Good luck for your recovery!

  • Thank you Litzy, nice to know others experienced the same!! How soon after did you begin walking?

  • Well I had to go back to work 10 days later and that involved about a quarter of a mile in the morning which was a bit of a slow stroll! However, I had to get a taxi back after work that day, and then taxi to and from the following day.... so I figured I had gone back to work too soon! I would say it then took me a good few further weeks to work up any kind of a pace.... but everyone is different, of course. I think the secret is to not overdo things too soon...

    If I have to get a second ablation at any point, I will book in holiday time straight after!

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