EP consultation and 4 months post ablation report.

Good morning everyone. Just posting this for information to hopefully add to the 'knowledge' base. Saw my excellent EP for first time since my ablation on 16 July. Not unexpectedly he was not able to confirm success at this point given that I'd had 4 episodes of AF during the blanking period. which is a lot compared to my previous frequency. Hovever no episodes in last 5 weeks which included a period abroad so getting about normally otherwise. The plan is to continue as normal including meds Metoprolol and Apixaban, with a further review in 3 months time and before I'm due to fly to Australia. Interestingly he said that if a further ablation was necessary it would be done differently and under a general anaesthetic - but not for discussion now. He also told me I went into AF during the ablation and I was cardio verted at the end - not uncommon apparently.

I intend to remain positive and carry on life as normal - if I have any further prolonged bouts of AF will try and get an ECG and faxed to him. - so will try and stet something up with local surgery.

All the best to you all - am off to Venice for a few days next week - AF or not!

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  • That is very interesting info. I am awaiting a date for an ablation so I am taking it all in!

    Just as a matter of interest, are you able to get insurance for your trips at this stage? Teresa.

  • Hi Teresa My travel insurance is through my bank. When I was first diagnosed I informed them and it's classed as a pre existing contdition so excluded from the cover provided. I've had the occasional episode whilst abroad and when it's happened just taken it gently until sinus rhythm returned. Fortunately it's never happened on a flight or interfered with my travel itinerary.

    Hope all goes well - am sure it will all be worth it.

  • Thanks for that. This is similar to my situation. Just keep fingers crossed and hope E111 suffices in the event.

  • Hi John! Re your travel insurance I assume from what you have said that you don't have cover for AF. If so, this is very unwise & E111 won't even touch the sides. I have always been told to ensure that I have good insurance in place before venturing abroad.


  • Tell your insurance company everything even those unplanned visits to a & e and upcoming procedures . I'm still fighting a claim from 2 years ago , and that was with my bank . Things happen and you don't know how good they are till you need them .

  • When I was in that position I arranged with my GP to be able to call and have ECG asap on request. Mixed reaction from some of the nurses but on the whole it worked well.


  • Hi there , I'm in exactly the same position as you 4 months post ablation ep keeping me on all meds for a further 6 months , I too went into af during procedure which he said was unexpected and had to cardiovert me , I've not travelled abroad this year for holiday to scared in case af strikes whilst away , cheers Paul

  • well done for "carrying on regardless!!" an excellent example to us all ! Hope you stay in NSR and enjoy Venice!

  • I LOVE that you are living your life whether you are in AF or not. That's definitely the way to play it! I am also of that mindset and I am also a member of the 4months post ablation club so I really identify with all of your feelings at this point. At my last appointment my EP said I don't need to return for a year, though we stay in touch through email as I wean off my meds, and of course, I can email an EKG to him if the situation arises as well. I am off on some travels too, and have already flown across the country twice in the past 4 months and have thankfully had no problems. Wishing you the joy of happy travels and NSR!!!

  • Thank you all for your responses. I would not want to downplay the anxiety that inevitably goes with living with PAF and trying to lead a normal life. Frankly I am full of admiration for those in permanent AF who still seem to cope - compared to them and others with all sorts of dreadful illnesses I consider myself fortunate to get out and about.

    I have found the contributors to this site, together with family and close friends an immense help. Thank you.

  • If you have insurance from your bank but it doesn't cover AF or associated events you can always take out a normal travel policy which does. You will have some duplication but at least peace of mind and cover if AF does rear it's ugly head!!!

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