Severe bruising after ablation

Hello all,

It has been two weeks since I had catheter ablation via right side groin area. The groin area healed quite nicely and doesn't hurt at all anymore but I did notice yesterday that I have dark purple blotches that look like bruises running all the way down my right thigh and my knee and also down my left thigh. It is completely painless. I read that it's normal to have bruising on the side of the insertion site but the other leg causes for concern. Has anyone else had this. I thought maybe it was purpura or something else.

2 Replies

  • Sounds quite normal to me. I always worked out that once that bruising had faded to grey then my heart had started to heal.

  • Also sounds normal to me, I had slight bruising on left thigh and heavy bruising on right down to and including my right foot.

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