After 2nd ablation, cardioversion failed


I had my 2nd ablation a week ago and went into Afib last night. The ER was unable to cardiovert me back into rythm and now I've been told to just wait and hope it converts on its own. It feels horrible when I'm in Afib, I'm very symptomatic. The doctor said my heart probably just needso time to heal and adjust. Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • It takes at least three months if not six for the heart to heal and settle down. I guess you are still taking some drugs so continue with them and see what happens. If you could speak to eh arrhythmia nurse where you had the ablation done she may be able to offer advice but worry will do nothing. Try to stay calm, stay well hydrated and breath deeply.

  • Yes, me. I had my third ablation in July and went back into AF tachycardia the next day before I could even leave the hospital. A high dose of Flecainide brought me back into rhythm for a while then AF returned again a month later. A few weeks later, around the end of August, I was successfully electro cardioverted.

    I've been ok since on a small dose of Flec, but on Christmas day went back into AF and have been that way ever since. Like you say it feels horrible, I feel tired, breathless and any movement causes my heart to crash around crazily. I'm sorry your ER couldn't cardiovert your heart I feel for you Zach.


  • Very sorry that you are back in AF and hence under the weather. Hope you flip back quickly.

  • How long have you had afib? How much flecainide do you take?

  • Have had AF about 11 years. Was taking 2 x 50mg Flec plus 2 x 12.5mg Metoprolol, now taking 2 x 100mg Flec and when heart was at its worst at Christmas 3 x 100mg Flec.

  • I was started on 2x25 mg of metoprolol and dual pacemaker June of this year after a cardiac arrest from the second dose of tykosyn, then in Oct afib again so they added flec 2x 100mg, when I got home I reduced it to 50mg, it is a very powerful drug and after what happened to me with the cardiac arrest from tykosyn I am terrified of the drugs. He also wanted to double my metoprolol because of slight reaction to flec on ekg. I just reduced the flec and left the other the same. I dont like doubling one med to counteract the other one and being sent home from the hospital without monitoring the effects of the change! When I go into afib it stays unless cardio verted but the second dose of flec converted me to NSR so was excited about that. Do you go in and out of afib or is yours persistent like mine?I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. Was on rhytmol 2x 225 mg for 20 months, no problems, afib free, but then it quit working this year. They are wanting to do ablation but I am not comfortable with doing it. So far in nsr with flec for almost a month now. How long have you taken flec and metoprolol? What other drugs have you taken?

  • Jean

    So sorry to read that you have gone back into AF. As you may have read in my post the other day I went into AF the day before Christmas Eve and spent all Christmas Eve in hospital.

    I hope they can sort you out soon.

    Best wishes


  • Sorry to hear this Jean, how disappointing for you and at Christmas too. I hope they sort you out soon. It was only Amioderone that has given me any respite although I don't want it long term. Chin up you'll get there in the end. 😘


  • Hi Zachb. Yes, I have been in your shoes and I understand how disappointing and frustrating it feels for you right now. I went into AF 48 hours after my ablation, they cardioverted me 24 hours later and I stayed in NSR for 1 hour. They decided to wait till I had some meds on board for a few days and then, 10 days later a second cardioversion did the trick. That was 19 months ago and no AF since and no meds now. Keep the faith for a good result. Give your heart plenty of time to heal. Best wishes for an NSR New Year!

  • I went back to the ER this afternoon and they were able to shock me back into NSR, for now. Thank you all for your shared knowledge and support!

  • Thank goodness Zach. For those of us who really suffer when in AF this is a hateful, scary condition isn't it!

  • Good news let's hope you now stay in NSR


  • I have reverted to AF after ablations but luckily cardioversion has always worked for me.

    I can empathise with you regarding the severe symptoms as this is my problem each time I get AF.

    I do hope you can get it resolved. It is early days so don't give up hope yet.

    I wish you all the best.


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