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2nd ablation , upset with Af

Can anyone give me some reassurance ....

Had my first ablation in May 2015.... Felt great afterwards...but after five months af came back with a vengeance , so my EP was able to get me back in before year end (I am in the US and had to get it in before year end as I had spent my out of pocket for insurance and it wouldn't cost me money) had my second ablation on Dec. 19th....hurt the first couple of days , more chest pain than the first....but this week I keep having short AF episodes. Is this normal? Will it go away? I am so ready to be back to normal and really want to be able to get off flecinade and metoprolol . Don't mind if I stay on the xarelto. Someone please cheer me up.....

I have never smoked, I have never drank , I have never had high cholesterol, never had high blood pressure, do not have sleep apnea .....I am only 56 years young. Never had health problems until AFib started in 2013. Father had AFib , mom may have had undiagnosed AFib , so I guess I may have been dealt the hereditary card.

Started a diet this week, I am 50-60 pounds overweight by BMI standards ......but I wasn't at the start of AFib, weight gain was caused by a mixture of medicines my first cardiologist put me on, including amiodarone.

Help me feel more positive, anyone?

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Hi Terri and surely they explained the recovery process.? It takes at least three months for the scar tissue which blocks the rogue impulses to form, sometimes longer. Episodes during that period are quite common but I would urge you to work on life style changes. Get that weight off as soon as possible, try to change your diet to a more plant based one and obviously avoid alcohol for a while . It is a little early in recovery to start too much exercise but some gentle walking will help. Don't go mad. SRM Grandma is your side of the pond and has made fantastic progress of late so why not look her up and private message if she doesn't see your post and respond.

Above all relax-- you are quite normal.



Hi Terri, Just now saw this and wanted to give a shout out of reassurance. As Bob said, it is not unusual to have some AF or ectopics during the blanking period, which is at minimum, 3-6 months post ablation. Even though you can't see what your heart has been through, there is so much healing to be done and your heart is angry right now from being burned so the electrical mischief may still happen.

There is strong evidence that says being of ideal weight decreases the incidence of AF in more than 50% of individuals, so I would encourage you to eat carefully and exercise diligently once you have healed a bit more. Those who are very careful with healthy lifestyle behaviors....food, sleep, stress management, exercise have better outcomes from their ablations than those who just go back to old habits.

Right now you need to be gentle with yourself as you heal. Allow others to be helpful, start to gradually increase your walking every day, and find your peace. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness are all great ways to minimize stress and stay healthy. Think positive thoughts. There is every reason to think that your ablation will be successful. That's a great thought to kick off your new year! Keep us posted!


Thank you.....looking forward to a great 2016.

EP felt positive this 2nd time as I was in AFib when he went in as opposed to the first when he had to make it go into AFib.......

I will stay positive.....


Normal to feel decreased mood after procedures and stress. Yes, in US we often end up planning medical care based on insurance details. Pleased to hear that your EP is responsive to your needs. Wishing you health and happiness in 2016.

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I'll second SRMGrandma's advice about mindfulness work. You might want to look into Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. There's probably a program within driving distance. Many hospitals and clinics host them. Get into it and you will be amazed at how you can change your life with the skills you learn.

In the meantime, read Jon Kabat-Zinn's books "Full Catastrophe Living" and "Wherever You Go, There You Are." He developed MBSR.


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