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Melatonin/ Circadin.

I have been prescribed Circadin 2mg prolonged release tablets by GP.

She told me she had never heard of Melatomin doing anyone any good but I was welcome to try it.

I suffer from bad and disturbed nights mainly caused by my afib and practice good sleep hygiene. I also take various herbal sleep aids like, nytol, Kalms, Valerian Plus and Melissa Dream. The pharmacist said I was OK with these and Circadin.

Last night I had a really bad night and so am looking at having my first Circadin tonight. Does anyone have any comments that may be of help to me, has anyone else had melatonin / circadin.

Just before I try tonight

Thanks Norm

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There have been quite a few posts here about Melatonin. I tried it last year for about six weeks and it was of no help. Mine was not the slow release version that you have. Actually I don't quite see the point of a slow release version. If it worked would that not make you sleepy during the day?

There is a very long list of medications that you should not take with it including BP medications and diuretics.

Pleasant dreams.

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Hi Norm, I've taken Melatonin for a while now, but I was told by a doctor that it's not meant to be used over a long time and so I stopped. I felt it helped so it's always a question of which is more important ie getting a good nights rest or experiencing the possible side effects. Good luck with finding something to help. Take care, Fluffy


I started to take melatonin when I used to travel to USA weekly. I wou,d take one 3 mg tablet when I got there and one when I got back. They would allow me to get into a proper circadian rhythm and not suffer the jet lag. I can honestly say it helped me tremendously. I am now unfortunately addicted to Valium aka diazepam, after 20 years of taking a huge dose, I started the long process of cutting it down and am down from 75 mg a day to just 10mg. I intend to be free of it by middle of next year. My GP and tranquilliser addiction group both say that coming off of Valium is worse than heroin and because Valium will stay in your muscle and bone. They recommended tapering via the Ashton manual is to cut no more than 1/10th of your overall dose.

I always take the melatonin when I make the cut and for at least a week after. I take one that has valerian, hops, flower of California poppy, passiflora & extract of Linden leaves. It is called Sonno + relax & sleep. The company who make it are EUROSUP. If you do go ahead then be prepared for some really deep REM sleep and dreams with it. My GP is great with this and now takes it himself as he takes part in triathlons.

I used to buy it on eBay and Amazon but it's not there anymore. There is the one site that you can google and they do deliver from Italy. Takes about 10 days at most to get here and postage is minimal.

I have not had ANY noticeable side effects when I stop. Both GP and rheumatologist know about this and say there are no problems or conflicts with the immunosuppressive drugs I am on.

Good luck. By the way, take it around one hour before you intend to go tot bed.


Thanks for that. I just tried to order but there appears to be a problem with payment on their site. I'll look againn later



BTW. Magnesium works well with this


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