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Booked in for my cv tomorrow and although I know what will happen, I'm quite nervous about it. Also, no one can say how long it will last for.

I'm have also been experiencing debilitating attacks of gout for the last 4 weeks, which i am sure is being caused by Bisoprolol. I'm on 2.5mg. Does anyone know an alternative? I'm going to discuss it with my cardiologist tomorrow as the pain at times is unbearable and paracetamol hardly touches it.



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  • I've had two cardio versions and although I was anxious they were straightforward and I had no pain. Your in and out the same day. Just rest up afterwards. Good luck, hope it puts you back in sinus Ruthin.

  • Hi Stucoo

    No need to be nervous about your CV, I promise you you will wonder afterwards what all the fuss was about, it's much quicker than you think and the staff are really good at these things.

    Re Bisoprolol, not heard of gout being a side effect before, but these drugs do strange things to us, yes of course there are alternatives, and you do need to discuss it with your EP (I hope not cardiologist) Some people are fine on bisoprolol, but lots have problems..

    Be well


  • Ian, I am seeing a cardiologist as I have PMI and had seen him regarding a previous issue. When I was diagnosed with AF in A&E I made an appt with him rather than wait for the NHS to catch up. To be honest he appears to know what he is talking about and says he has lots of other AF patients in his practice. Looking at his profile on line it says his sub speciality is heart rhythm management. I'm happy at the moment with his treatment plan.



  • Best wishes for tomorrow. I actually look forward to cardioversions. I go in with my heart in AF and come out cured! The whole process, once under anaesthetic, takes just minutes. Take it easy when you come out and don't do anything too strenuous for a while, or your heart could revert back to AF.


  • Good luck, I'm booked in for my CV next Thursday. Keep us informed on how you go.

  • Thanks for all your replies. The CV went well and as everyone has said it was over quickly and I knew nothing about it. My chest is a bit sore (only shocked once) and the cardio wants me to now take 100mg flecainide twice a day and to see him in 3 weeks. I keep checking my pulse just to make sure the NSR is still there! To be honest I don't feel that different at the moment, hopefully when I start exercising I will notice it more.

    He's also agreed to change from Bisoprolol to another rate control drug.

    Thanks again,


  • Gout can be treated through diet. See the book 'Good Medicine' by Patrick Holford, or search on his website:


    Hope this helps!

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