Ablation Tomorrow

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted for a while, just been reading everyone's posts.

I'm having an ablation tomorrow, (I know a Sunday) at Papworth hospital. I've been in persistent AF since January after my last cardioversion only lasted eight days. I was diagnosed in May '16 at the age of 47 with persistent AF and did spend a a few months in SR after my initial cardioversion. Although generally asymptomatic, I struggle with the drug regime, tiredness and exercise intolerance.

I'm getting apprehensive now and fingers crossed for success!



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  • Good luck Stucoo, I understand the nerves, just think how wonderful it will be when you feel tons better, keep your eye firmly on the prize and role with the punches until then, it will all be worth it.

  • Hi Stucoo,

    I don't know enough about Ablation or Cardioversion to offer any worthwhile advice but I just want to wish you a successful procedure and hope it give you relief from this dreaded curse. Kèping my fingers crossed for you. Best wishes


  • Waiting for a date for mine. Good luck with your procedure

  • Hope all goes well and that you are cured.

  • I hope it goes well and does the trick for you. We all feel apprehensive beforehand.

  • Good luck, I had mine me a week ago and am very optimistic. I wish you every success. :-)

  • Best of luck Stuart, hope all goes well for you......you know the rules, nowt for week one and not much more for week two!!!....let us know how it all goes.....John

  • Thanks for your kind replies, I will let you all know how it goes.

  • Best wishes, couldn't be a better day 🙏 !

  • Good luck Stuart for a positive outcome, mine is on 3 rd August so I will be following your progress !!


  • Wishing you the very best outcome.

  • Hi I am four weeks post ablation and I am feeling fantastic. I have had PAF for over 20years successfully controlled by flecainide for the majority of those years. It was suggested I had an ablation after seeing an EP Consultant. Long procedure over 5 hours but so worth it as not feeling breathless on walking and that awful fatigue feeling has greatly reduced. You will be in very capable hands and i am sure it will go well. 😊

  • Good luck Stuart. Hope all goes well.

  • All the very best for today Stuart. If your team is as professional and competent as the ones I have had for my 3 ablations, you should be fine.

    I am 4 weeks post -op now and doing well, although initially upset by what turned out to be ectopics, which is how I found this amazing forum. Your heart may well 'bunp around' for a while as it heals. You may also feel unable to sleep on your left side.

    Just bear in mind that apart from some bruising in the groin and possibly where they placed the arterial line, you will see very little BUT your heart will be inflammed and healing for quite some time and that you cannot see.

    Don't try to rush back to work and undue all the good.

  • Good Luck

  • My friend recently had this and is so well she says she feels like a different person after years of AF

  • Good luck and normal to be nervous but sure it will be fine. Be prepared for lots of arrhythmias and bumps. Mine lasted for 5 months post ablation but that was nearly 4 years ago and I am still AF free. ☘️

  • Stay positive! Good luck to you!!

  • Good luck for today, I had an ablation on Friday. I am sore but looking ahead to getting some normality back. Take care.

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