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Hot weather and afib

So, 9 weeks since my ablation (am ticking off on calendar!) and just had second bad af run with pulse of 140... now back down to 128 after a couple of hours. Depressing of course, but both a fib occasions have happened as a result.... I assume.... of high humidity and feeling a bit tired. Thought it worth mentioning as other afibers might also be suffering. Yes, I am drinking lots of fluids...! Guess it's not a good sign all the same. Thanks for listening folks. Take care in the heat over the next couple of days.....

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Lucy, have you been drinking very cold drinks? They are a known trigger.

My big AF episode was on a very hot June day, directly after drinking an icy drink.

My advice to anyone is to drink plenty, not to wait until you feel thirsty and to be wary of swigging back ice cold drinks.



good advice.


Good advice, but no.... I didn't drink anything particularly cold prior to the event. i will be grasping a luke warm bottle of water when I go to bed later..!

Now pulse at 84 and blood pressure 97/67.... funny old hearts we have...


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