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Thanks for all your support!!

Hello Everybody........Thank you to all the kind folks who responded with good sense advice before my holiday to France!

I am pleased to tell you all, that I had a fab hitches on the TGV, sunshine every day and my AF remained stable throughout.

Our apartment was on the 3rd floor, and the building, 10 minutes walk uphill. I am pleased to say I coped with this very well, getting a bit breathless, of course, as expected, but nothing drastic........its done my calf muscles the world of good too!

The whole thing has lifted my spirits somewhat and made me realise that it is the stress of my job that affects my daily life and my AF, more than the AF itself possibly!!

I went to get my INR's checked, was told at reception that the nurse had left and i shouldn't be at that surgery ( thanks for letting me know!!) so had to wait anotheday.......... but I had eaten sensibly and my INR's were nicely in range at 2.7.

Just wanted to share some good news for a change.

PS sorry I couldn't bring the sunshine back!! : )

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That's great news - I'm so glad you enjoyed your break! Pity you couldn't bring back any sunshine, I guess they confiscated it at Customs? :D



Wonderful news. A model for others I hope who may fear going away.


Well done Wightbaby, well done. Hopefully, now you have re-educated your heart on how to stay fit, you can re-educate the rest of you re stress. We have big problems in the work (office) environment at the moment brought about by stress and I'm just waiting for the next casualty. Doesn't affect me as I'm out and about most of the day - but I'm seeing stress cause most amazing things to people. Our management have attempted to address it but whatever they do - long term - fails! Probably because they mistakenly think that hiring more people to do the job will do the trick - they don't realise that it is the way the work is organised in the first place that is the problem.

Anyway, well done.



Interesting.......well in my case its less staff to do more hours and cover more work........AND like your place the way the work is organised is also the may find it amusing to know that I work for the NHS!!! (Admin not frontline!!)


Great news, France usually does the trick. I know I came back more relaxed because when I restarted my breathing exercises I found I could breathe out of much longer without having to draw another breath. If you can still afford the basics in life, make changes to that job!


I'm glad you had a good time in France Wightbaby and are getting back to feeling a bit fitter. On the subject of work it always amazes me how a holiday or change of scene helps put everything back in perspective re stress (especially stress at work!). It also amazes me how bogged down I get in the stress and then when I stick my head out of it on holiday I remember there is a whole world out there and I feel less 'trapped' ....need to do more mindfulness meditation ( not so easy as it seems though!) :)


Glad you had a great time x


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