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Thanks for all your comments

Off to Harefield Hospital tomorrow for my first ablation. AF started in September 2013, and medication has helped but constant chest pains. Reading everyone's comments have really helped and not worried about it in the slightest. AF readings have been between 180 and 225 on occasions. My consultant in Taunton was excellent and got me the OP within 1 week of seeing him. Unfortunately Bristol has a long waiting list. Will let you know how it goes.

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Good luck bootneck, not that you will need it at Harefield, they are great there.

I'm lucky it's just around the corner for me, if you've not been there before do not be put off by the exterior, it looks like a WW2 hospital. but inside, it's more like Star Trek :)

Do tell us how it goes.



Hope all goes well tomorrow, will be thinking of you and waiting to hear how you got on.


Wish you all the best

I had been there at harefield hospital long time back in 1985 I had my first open heart surgery there

It looks like a dream now :) sweet one since I was 18 years old lol

I'm sure we will hear good news after your recovery :)

All the best


All the best and keep us informed.



Good luck. I will be awaiting an update when you are feeling up to it.x


good luck bootneck3 hope every thing goes well,let us know how you get on


Good luck- you are in the best hands there,


Hope it all goes well and afterwards be patient. It can take at least 3 months before things start to feel better so if you are getting all sorts of irregular heart beats stay positive. Best of luck.


Hope it all went well bootneck.Best wishes from me and hubby.


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