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Thanks for advice more needed!

Hi all. I first wrote on here after I had my second bought of AF - the community told me to choose a good ep and see the best so I went to Bart's. The specialist told me that it was svt not af - and he has recommended me for an abilation. In the mean time, I had another episode yesterday. I tried all the vagal things, cold water, etc but it wouldn't reduce. I went to hospital, but this time, because they new it was svt not af they gave me adesonie (not sure if that's how you spell it). This worked super quickly for me and got me back to normal. However, I felt terrible afterwards, feeling sick, nauseaus, light headed, weak. I still feel pretty tough today... I have a couple of questions:

- i feel pretty tough today but could I exercise tomorrow easily enough? Is it safe to after an episode?

- can you get yourself bumped up the abilation list somehow? I feel like a drain on the a n e service as I know it isn't life threatening but nothing I do CNA reduce it.

Thanks all - I kind of though I wouldn't have another episode as they were so far apart in years, however I'm back in the exclusive club!

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Sorry to hear you are back with us!

What do you mean by exercise? If it gets you hot and sweaty and so puffed you can hardly speak, then perhaps not. If it gets your heart just slightly elevated and ticking over comfortably, maybe. I feel a good 20 minutes or more of the latter sort of exercise keeps my heart free of cobwebs.

I sometimes walk a couple of miles when I have AF and am not so sure, now, if this is a good idea.

You can pay up and see an EP privately for your first appointment and that may speed you towards an ablation.


Hey - I do a fair amount of gym work and cycle 60 - 90 miles a week (not hilly so it doesn't get my heart that elevated) - I was just wondering how soon after an svt episode it is ok to start up again? I wouldn't today as I'm wiped out but Friday I want to. I was wondering if anyone thought it was bad for the heart after a perlonged bout of svt?

Good idea about the EP - I've also contact my doctor to see if he will put me as an urgent on the Bart's list.

In the mean time, I have that depression after an episode and the will to run away to a hot country and enjoy life!

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Yep, back to square one. And the longer you go between episodes the more tedious it feels.

Perhaps be ruled by how you feel and don't push yourself! In the gym, you can stop when you want.


I have a friend who gets bouts of SVT feels wiped out afterwards even with no intervention.

I get tachycardic walking uphill slowly so can't bear to think about your level of exercise let alone advise. I have a name for my condition "low exercise tolerance!!" or to put another way totally unfit.


Listen to your body and how you feel go with your instincts! Some regular exercise is good for you and will not hurt, however pushing yourself into exhaustion is not a good idea. Depending how you tolerate the SVT will determine how much you can do on any given day.

Ask to go on the cancellations list and hopefully you will get in earlier for an ablation. All the bedt😄


I usually do 60 to 100 miles a week on a bike too. It seems a lot to others but nothing to tjose of us used to it. Take it a bit easier, see how you feel. I know my body pretty well though I've just had an AF attack, not svt. Is there not a forum like this for svt sufferers??


That's a really good point as I came on here as they initially houghtt it was af. I'll.see what I can find out!


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In case you haven't come across this, you can request to go on a standby list at Barts if you would be in a position to go in at 1-2 days' notice. You would need to have a pre-admission assessment at the outset.

I was told the waiting list there for an ablation was 3 months but, not having heard anything, I requested to go on the standby list. It did not actually make any difference to me - I never got the call and in fact waited 7 months! However, I was given to understand that this delay was because I had been put down for a general anaesthetic rather than sedation........so..... good luck!


Hi thanks for this. Can I ask how you ask to go on the cancellations list? I called the secretary of the specialist about me having another bout andshe seemed unmover and didn't think it would bump me up. Is it her I ask about cancellations list.


I am sure your EP's secretary would give you more information or pass on your request.

I seem to recall that I phoned Cardiac Admissions, having already been on the waiting list for some time, to get some indication of the timescale. I asked about the standby list - I'm not sure if I could have gone straight onto it but as I was shortly due to see my EP there I waited to ask him. He agreed and I was sent for a pre-assessment.


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