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2 Years Post 1st RF Pulmonary Vein Ablation 2nd Successfull Ablation on 27 June 2016


AS previously reported I went back into AF/Atrial Tachacardia in November 2016 at 17 months post my first successful ablation in 2014. I was disappointed to go back into AF again but realised I would in all probability need a touch up at some point. So again to all of you out there that are considering an ablation it has been the right path for me as I want the quality of life it affords me. Thankfully it's been successful although early days yet. Ironically I have been in NSR (normal rhythm) since the 14 May and only went back into AF/AT on 2 occasions for no more then a few hours at a time. So today before the procedure I said to Mark Earley my EP at Barts that I felt like an imposter! But he thought it best to touch up his previous job. So after discussing gear ratios to get up Mont Ventoux he got on with it and it all went well. Of course I'll know more tomorrow when I see him and update this post. I'll be home hopefully Tuesday and dusting off my X bikes for the next season and the World Masters Champs :-)



ps of course I'll have a 3 month recovery, nothing for 1st week, light walking following weeks and gentle yoga and walking in month two with some soft cycling in month 3. Worked a treat last time and came back better, fitter and stronger.

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Well done on regaining your active life and best wishes for a good and quick recovery from today's procedure. Here's to a af free future. Good on yer.

Hi Elbows,

Well Done!

My best wishes for a speedy recovery and quality biking again.🚴



Glad to hear it went well. Now have a good recovery!

Well done and keep to your recovery schedule! It is a necessity to follow that regime. Keep us updated on your progress.

Ive been following you on our journey, Ablation 1 in March 2013, Ablation 2 in May 2014 and now disappointed to have Ablation 3 in a few weeks time.

Take care.........Ann

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Third time lucky as they say, good luck Ann. Let us know how you get on.

Great news! I've had 2 ablations had real problems getting me back into NSR...however eventually they did an internal cardio version and so far so good. I've got my life back! Take it easy and enjoy the new fitter you x

How often did you have episodes before you had your second ablation from the first one? I'm probably going to need a second one too........so great you have such good attitude , sounds like the second was easier than the first.

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Hi Eliza, I went tachycardic in November, but then reverted back into NSR in May with two subsequent short (3 hours and 5 hours) episodes of tachycardia. So given I was back in normal rhythm I was tempted to duck the ablation but knew the episodes of tachycardia would in all probability increase so decided to go ahead.

wish all the best for you / keep going

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