I have A/F for about 10 years and it seems to be getting more regular lately and have always been careful what I do or drink etc. When early in April 2016 I had a heart attack

I was whisked to Wythenshaw hospital for the immediate fitting of a stent. But another one was required. It was unsuccessful and am now awaiting By pass surgery in late June at the same hospital. I feel pretty weak and breathless these days I am hoping everything will be reversed after the surgery. I asked the cardiac surgeon what had caused it as I have never smoked (it killed my Dad) and alcohol has been of the menu for the last 10 years I have also followed a healthy diet for the past 50 years.He said it must be wear and tare as i am now 81.It makes one wonder what do you have to do to prevent things like this happening?

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  • Sorry Ted but from what little I know it is all about our genetic make up. As somebody said to me once the secret of a long and healthy life is to have the right parents. Within reason what we do along the way only has limited affect it seems.


  • Hi Ted, wishing you all the best for your forthcoming surgery and a return to better health, Kath

  • I hope you are feeling better soon. Sounds as if you did all you could to avoid this

  • How often I've heard the phrase 'wear and tear' - it seems just day to day living does it.

    Very best wishes for your forthcoming operation and for feeling generally better in the future.

  • hope you are feeling better soon you can go into that article may be will help ,Calculate Ischemic heart disease risk factor in next 10 years


  • Best wishes for your upcoming operation.

  • Best wishes for you Ted and hoping for improved health.

  • Thanks everyone for your best wishes. At the moment I am feeling pretty low and find it difficult to concentrate on anything.

    I go for my pre-op examination on Thursday the 23rd If all is well the op will be a week on Friday. so fingers crossed I shall be letting you all know how I went on by about the 7th july (I don't have a smart phone. Too complicated) so thanks again everyone best wishes


  • All the best Ted. I look forward to hearing from you when you are back from hospital x

  • Thanks dedeottie went for the pre-op to day which wasn't too bad just the various blood water and testing for bug hopefuul to have good news in two weeks time all the best TED

  • I have been back from Hospital for three weeks now having had a triple by pass and one stent I felt really good for one week but then the wheels fell off. It was my sodium level dropping well down and making breathing and walking difficult. so I spent the next six days in the local hospital. the ward I was in was terrible and the weather very hot not a happy place to be in. (no ventilation) The treatment was restricted water intake and regular blood tests both my arms were black and blue from access to my veins but after 6 days I was sent home under the care of my GP who did exactly the same as the hospital and announced after 2 days that my Sodium was normal. I don't really know why I had to go in hospital for this treatment when my GP could have done the same at a much lesser cost with the same result.

    I am now back walking but it is a slow process and only managing about half a mile but it is coming on maybe I'll be out joging before the winter sets in Ha! Ha!

  • It's good to hear your news, Ted, though I'm sorry it hasn't been plain sailing for you. What bad luck to be in an unventilated ward when it was so hot. But out and about, walking half a mile sounds not too bad at all, and all being well you'll now continue to make progress, and yes, perhaps jogging gently in a little while. Do let us know how things go.

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