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Recently Diagnosed & Kinda Nervous about it !!

Had surgery several months ago .. at that time I was also diagnosed with Afib .. been trying Holistic approaches to try to control the situation .. don't think it's working. Have an appointment with a cardiologist on 01/10 but b4 I go I like to learn from these post what I may be in for ,, one question I do have, because it's been mentioned so many times within these posts', what is an AFIB abalation??? Need your guidance & thx NcXX

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You should click on the link to AF Association on the right of this page. There you can read lots of good information to gain an understanding of this condition.

This forum is good for more specific questions, but the AF Assoc information is excellent


The Cardio will try and find cause - was it the operation - of have you had it for sometime etc etc. You are some way from having an Ablation but it is a procedure that involves either freezing or burning tissue on the heart that is increasingly successful although may take a number of procedures- good news that AF won’t kill you , but, depending on other factors , age, hypertension, etc you may need to have an anticoagulant to cut stroke risk - that is the big issue with AF - your cardio will explain.

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The method used will generally be either freezing or burning around the pulmonary vein and on the surface of the internal wall of the left atrium (for AFib)


Other than cutting out caffeine, holistic medicine won't help you. You need to try the cardiac drugs your dr offers you and if you get to that point, an ablation. I tried the medication and had mild but not great results. I had an ablation in October 2016 and have (touch wood) been AF free.

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In my opinion, the very very short version of treatment route may be:

Eliminating any obvious triggers eg. cough medicine, stimulants like caffeine or alcohol.

Magnesium supplement - from doctor or yourself.

Rate/Rhythm control with medicine.

Cardioversion - chemical or electrical.

Ablation - Radiofrequency(burn), Cryoablation(freeze) or Surgical ablation like "mini-maze" and other types.

Not all patients go to ablation stage.

Ask your dr many questions when you get to see him/her. Write your questions down.


Hi NC..Sorry you have joined the club

All I can do to help is to give you some of my own experience which is 7 years of intermittent AF...controlled only by medication.

Ie 5mg bisoprolol 10mg aplodipine and of course anticoagulant.

I have not been tempted to go for ablation as my bpm is never above 80

and the AF (which now seems to be permanent) does not bother me except i know that

any form of fierce excersise will aggravate it.

I am so grateful to the contributors to this forum and i found that the tip of taking magnesium supplement seemed to improve matters greatly.

You can get a BP meter from boots that also tells if you have an irregular heartbeat.

Well don't worry there are worse things out there and this forum will no doubt answer your question about the ablation and other aspects

The other thing to consider is the essential anticoagulant,we are all different and react differently,personally I have taken to apixaban

So all the very best ..keep reading


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