Marks on chest after catheter ablation

hi, I was just wondering if anyone can enlighten me. I had my ablation 17 days ago under general anaesthetic. I had a week off work afterwards during which I mainly sat in lovely sunshine. After a few days seemingly as I tanned, I noticed two marks, one on either side of my chest. They look like big o's. They are still there now, but are beginning to fade and slightly peel. Maybe this is normal, but did some internet searches and couldn't find anything. Feeling good anyway.


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  • Hi, It's pretty normal to have some skin battle scars from the ablation. I had some marks that actually scabbed over those first few weeks post ablation. I had mild burn marks from cardiofversions during the procedure, plus a myriad of leads on the chest and their adhesive left big circle areas of excoriation....I was a mess. Sounds like you have some of the same. Glad you are feeling well. That's the best!

    When you look at the external areas that have to heal it gives a little reminder to how much healing your heart has to do, even though we can't watch it.

    Heal gently, and be well.

  • thanks SRMGrandma. That clears that up!

  • Cardioversion burns. Simples. Many people get them. Aqueous cream sorts it.

  • thanks Bob.

  • I had big squares from cardioversion and also have big round allergic marks when wearing a event ecg

  • Me too. Raised burn marks that lasted 3 weeks. Also allergic reaction to adhesive on pads. Looked a mess and was sore. Maybe was so bad due to needing 5 shocks.

  • I only needed one shock...5 must have been sore

  • It was the burns that hurt the most. They said only just recently upped to 5 shocks. 3 used to be maximum. The cardioversion wasn't successful either! That was march this year, now awaiting ablation and got first appointment at Leeds G I in august.

  • it was my first, and fingers crossed, my last ablation. I just wasn't told it involved cardioversion. Not that it bothers me, but I was just curious as I didn't know. Thanks again guys.

  • They often do a CV after they have fiddled about to get you on track.

  • I was told that if someone is in persistent AF the vast majority of the time they have do do a DCCV afterwards. If paroxysmal quite variable but more likely on 1st ablation and less likely on subsequent ones.

  • I get those from the sticky things they put on when doing ECG and I I get big square ones when they do a CV

  • I have a nice patch of white hair on my chest that only appeared after an ablation. Not quite the same thing I know but thought I would share

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