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Catheter Ablation recovery

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Hi, I had catheter ablation for SVT on Friday. I was nervous before but the procedure was fine and I did it without sedation. They did use adrenaline in the procedure to get my heart to misfire which was a strange sensation but bearable. However the recovery is much harder than I thought. I've read about some people going straight home and are back on their feet quickly. I am on day 4 and my chest is sore and tight. I had an episode of AF yesterday and can't walk far. I spoke to the nurses and they said this can happen and to bear with it, but it's not easy. Just wondered what experience anyone's had with their recovery?

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Hi Fiona and welcome to the forum.

After my first ablation I felt just like you do now and it lasted for a few weeks, gradually getting better. After my second I didn't have the energy to walk very far for around two months and I became overwhelmingly tired if I tried to do too much. After my third I felt better almost immediately.

There really is no standard experience of recovering from an ablation, so how you are feeling now in these early days sounds totally normal to me. I didn't understand at the time that feeling so drained was normal as I'd read about people cycling miles and climbing mountains a few days later and why wasn't I feeling that way! After reading people's posts on this site for many years I now understand that those who feel so well are the lucky few.

Your heart has had a real battering, so take it easy for at least a few weeks and let it heal. Your AF nurses and GP are there to offer any support should you have any concerns, so do not hesitate to call them if you need to.

Please never feel that you are on your own as we are all here to offer understanding and support.


Thank you. It's reassuring to hear everyone's experiences as once you leave hospital you don't have anyone to talk to who has been through similar. Appreciate your response and kind words. I need to relax and remember that it just takes time.

Always rest, rest,rest.

It is very early days for you it is highly likely that in a couple of weeks you will feel a lot better.


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Thank you. I'm resting but just need to relax and give my body time to heal.

Hi Fiona

I forgot to say I find it amazing that you had an ablation without any sedation! Was there a reason for that? Was it offered?


I chose not to as they said it might be harder to trigger SVT being sleepy. They talked to me through the whole process and said if it gets too much then they would sedate me, but it was bearable.

You're one brave lady!


I don't know where you find these people who claim to be back working in a couple of days. It takes at least three months if not six for full recovery as most here will attest so please just rest. I was told do nothing for the first week and not a lot more for the second and then gradually work towards doing a bit more every day but above all listen to your body and don;t force it.

I'm coming up on 4 weeks and still getting tired quickly and getting early beats and some runs of fibrillation. Everybody is different.

Well done in the no sedation, I found that to be a torture.

But I was one of those people back to normal as soon as home from hospital, so it is possible or maybe I was still running on fear πŸ˜‚

Hi fiona

I had a Catheter Ablation on Monday 17th! Came home the same day and I'm still layed up but feeling stronger each day. My ablation lasted 3 hrs and I've had multiple freezes! I to had Af for a solid day the day after i came home, still really saw in my groin and my chest is tight also but as i say i feel better each day. There are some really helpful post on here and the replies i got were brilliant and really helped. Hope this makes you feel slightly better!

Stick with it... πŸ˜‰

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