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PNI After Catheter Ablation

Hi guys,

This is more just a query, rather than looking for a definite answer: what sort of time frame after catheter ablation does phrenic nerve injury occur? I only ask as, having read a few paper online I know it's something that does happen. But none of them go into much detail about how long after it occurs.

My assumption is it's during or immediately following. However, I'm currently suffering badly with severe breathing issues that are only getting worse and having spent 3 months sick off work and all kinds of tests and appointments, I'm no closer to finding out what caused this.

I'm beginning to lean towards some sort of nerve damage, or a diaphragm issue. I had catheter ablation last June and my breathing problems started in July this year.



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June 2017 and July 2018?


Yes, catheter ablation in June last year (2017) and breathlessness in July this year (2018).


I’ll private message you.


Thank you!


I have phrenic nerve palsy following ablation done on 6th Nov, have u had a chest xray?


I have, I've had two and both were clear! Had chest, abdo and neck CT, heart echo and spirometry. All clear.

All indications are that there's nothing wrong with me!

I'm sorry to hear about your PN palsy. That must be terrible. Have you been seeing a specialist about it?


Hi, I got very breathless and felt like I had a tight band around my breastbone while I was in hospital a few hrs after my ablation. I also had a cough and couldn't lay down. They did a chest x-ray which showed my right side diaphragms was parylised about half way up. I also had an echogram and sniff test. So now it's confirmed. should heal eventually.

I think it would of shown on your x-ray etc if it was phrenic nerve palsy, I wish u well and that you find some answers soon .


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