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Problems after catheter ablation


I have been suffering with afib since last year. I has hindered me at work quitell a bit. So on the 25th I had an ablation done that went very well. I went back to work 7 days later.

My jobs is very stressful and extremely physical. I only worked 1 day last week (thursday) with work m-Thursday. And it went okay no issues (walked 35k steps or 17.15 miles that day.)

Early Sunday morning I started feeling afib coming on again just prior to taking my meds ( flecanide and savaysa) I didn't get better so I went to Er. After being monitored for a bit I went back to normal prior to them pushing any meds. I notice it is coming on no about an hour before I take my meds.

Worked Monday and felt heart acting up for most of the night. But not bad. Didnt get racy until just after work. Got home and took my meds. Since I worked nights I went to bed at 8 am woke up at 3 when I got out of bed I was very dizzy so much so I had to take a knee. This happened 2-3 times. Called put from work and took a me day. Let Dr know what was happening he said I was fine. A little afib but nothing major. (I'm wearing a cardionet heart monitor)

So tonight cardionet sent me a message asking me to call. The asked if I felt anything at 10:30 and around 5 pm I told them I was very dizzy at 5 but was sleeping at 10:30. They would not tell me what they saw. Texted Dr and he looked it over and said it is fine. Go to work tomorrow. But cardionet told me I should go to Dr.

Is this common after ablation? My symptoms seem worse than before.

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I'm no doc but think you have done to much to soon no way could I have gone to work so soon take a look at all reports on here and take the advice given all the best

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I don't think my doctor realizes how physical my job is. I think I'm more concerned they called me and asked about specific times and wouldn't tell me what they saw and Dr seems to think it's all good. I trust my Dr but wondering if I should get a second opinion on the monitor readings. Thank you for replying!

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Some good advice here I had my ablation in sept and I think I would still struggle to work I am still on all meds I know it's not always possible to take time off but if you can do it and docs are not always right

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I think you have gone back to work too soon I had my abalation in sept and it took me quite a while before I was able to go to work I had a big AF 7 days after my ablation and ended up in hospital for 5 days you need to take it slowly

I've had a very similar experience. After 2nd ablation. My Doc linked it to stress at work and exercise and told me to rest and give time for heart to heal from all the inflammation. It's taken a long while but think I'm getting signs off improving but lots of ectopics. Second opinion, diet, lifestyle and rest may be option to consider

Oh my goodness, far too much too soon! All the advice on here will tell you do nothing for a week and very little the second. I think your GP is wrong!

Mine took about 4 months to settle after ablation. Am still on bisoprolol. But mostly steady now. Had a blip when I had horrid virus but good again now. Also took magnesium which I thonk is very effective. See Dr Sanjay Gupta. Are you still taking anti coags. Sounds like you should.

Best of luck.

I really don't think you should have gone back to your physical and stressful job so early after your ablation. Can you have a few weeks off now? By doing too much you will undo all the good work of the ablation. A lot of doctors just don't understand the after effects of an ablation.

Hope you soon feel better.


Agree with all the above. I did too much too soon and ended up in acute coronary care and needed another ablation.

To quote Bob - just because you don't have a zip on your chest doesn't mean you haven't had significant trauma to your heart which takes time to heal so rest for first few weeks followed by graduated return.

It is so difficult these days for employers - and it seems Doctors - to understand that any sort of illness or procedure requires convalescence - why is that such an alien concept?

You poor thing. You have definitely been encouraged to go back to work far too soon. It took me at least 3 months to feel even slightly stronger and really 6 before back to normal. I was luckily enough to take 3 months off work and have also cut down to just 2 days a week, but I am older and near retirement and am able to do so. My ❤️ Goes out to you as I really feel the amazing docs who do these ablation don't really quite understand how a freezing or burning of the heart does, as Bob says, really take it out of the whole body!

I went regularly to my doctor for a rolling sick note until I was ready to go back to work and she was very supportive. You must must take it very very slowly Brent as you are still in very early days and I am sure your heart will respond to be given time to heal.

Good luck and very good wishes to you for a complete recovery , just don't rush it !


Agree with all the earlier comments, far too early to go back to a strenuous job. I'm in my second week after ablation and trying hard to stick to the 'do nothing for the first week and not much more for the second' advice. I'm lucky in that I don't have a job these days, but I'm not someone who finds it easy to sit and do nothing! I was good for the first week but then, feeling quite a bit better, I thought it would be OK to do some light decorating - the result was severe dizziness that worried me and everyone around me. I've learned my lesson so I'm back to reading and watching daytime TV. Ablation is not a pleasant thing to have done - I want this to be my first and my last if possible so I'm trying to be patient and look at the long term.

Brent, if you can I would suggest getting signed off work so you can give your heart a chance to recover properly and hopefully increase the chance of success for the ablation.


I had my Ablation 6 days ago, feeling ok but trying to rest, but i'm not for sitting about,

not working yet but walked to town done bit of shopping today carried it home nothing heavy, keen to get going again but i know i've got to take it easy

Need to take it easy after your ablation. It will take your heart some time to heal and your body needs rest. I had an afib ablation on Nov. 21 and have just really starting feeling back to my normal self without any episodes just the last 3 weeks. Try not to over due it. Had a flutter ablation in July went back to work and no problems. The afib ablation was much harder and longer and the heart needs time to heal.

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