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Ten month check in

It's been 10 months since my PVI & Ithmus ablation and I am still AF free.

I'm still on bisoprolol and bepricor (Japanese Calcium Chanel Blocker) and xarelto which will be stopped if my 12 holters comes back good.

Drs are very happy.

I still get runs of ectopics/PAC's which are infrequent and bearable.

I had to give up martial arts but have been cycling a lot and climbing a few mountains. Trying to stay active and shed some of the pounds I gained while unable to move (barely) because of AF.

But, it was/is life changing for me. I know AF may come back, if it does I'll have another ablation at the drop of a hat. Easy peasy.

Hope all of you are having a good day, to all the old timers I still have not forgotten the support you gave me when I first came here thinking I was going to die in a few days. That was 3 years ago now give or take.....

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Well done! Lovely to read that. Good luck and be well. JanR 


Good result and a lovely positive post .


Well done you.  How time has flown it does not seem long since you were moving to Japan to live and concerned about flights and af wondering if you would be able to take your planned flight.

I trust you, your wife and children are having a wonderful life in Japan.  Good luck.


Good to hear that you are still doing well after your ablation, you've almost made a year now.



Hi Jap,

Great to hear from you and the fantastic progress you have made since the ablation. Very Well Done.

Best Wishes



Excellent news,well done.


Thanks for the update - wishing you happy days all the way.


Good to hear all is going well.It's hard to believe it is 10 months since ablation, Wishing you well Kath


That is so good to hear Japaholic. Keep in touch x


Very pleased for you Japaholic. Long may it continue. It's been really interesting hearing from you how AF is treated in Japan as well .




I think the main difference in treatment is in the health system it's self.

Sure it's private, so you have to pay, but that's means tested. And while cardio appointments and prescriptions add up, I paid £1000 for my ablation and was able to choose the date (always a Monday) not given a date by the hospital.

So, when I was first diagnosed I was told I would have to wait months to see a cardiologist, let alone an E.P.

Here, I can see both (either/or) the next day. I may have to wait a few hours BUT I GET TO SEE THEM immediately. I am fairly sure that having that immediate access once I moved here improved my outcome somewhat.

I have no doubt if I were in the UK I'd still be on a waiting list to see an E.P., probably in permanent AF.

Also, as I said before in another thread, while I was "on the slab" in the cath, lab, the E.P. had finished the procedure and was tidying up when I went into AF.

As he still had all the tubes in he went back and did another set of burns and cut that area off.

Had that not have happened I would now be having a 2nd.

But, and here's the cruncher, I am back on my bike, I am climbing tall mountains, I can have the odd cup of real coffee (still mainly on decaf) and the odd drink (still 80% t total) and not worry. I can make love to my wife and not worry about my heart doing hiccoughs. I can play soccer with my children.

I have changed my diet, cut back more on meat (can't do totally veggie in this house) eating more fruit, more salads.

I can't say I am a new man, but I do have a new and improved outlook on life. Having had bad AF/flutter, I REALLY REALLY do appreciate every day without it.

To anyone who may read this day be wondering about ablation, I failed every drug I was given, nothing worked. Some worked better than others but I wasn't well, poor quality of life.

Now, my quality of life is bloody brilliant!

If the drugs don't work for you, then seriously consider ablation. It's done wonders for me.

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