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Five month post-ablation check

Just thought I'd check in. I saw my EP this morning, 5 months to the day since my ablation. He's very pleased with me and feels that as time goes by, it's less likely that I'll have a recurrence of AF. He's going to see me in 3 months and just before this, will do a 48 hour tape to see if anything untoward is occurring. We discussed anticoags (I'm still taking warfarin). I had my list of discussion points thanks to this wonderful site, one of which was the feeling that a successful ablation doesn't remove stroke risk. This he agreed with but also said that for me - at 58 with no other CHADS VASC other than being female - the risks vs the benefits put me on the side of not taking anticoags. However, he did say that once I'm 65, I'll have to go back on anticoags again. I said that they'd become my comfort blanket now and I wasn't sure really that I wanted to stop. He said that it was entirely my decision whether to stop - not now but in a couple of months. We talked about swapping to one of the NOAC's which he likes and said that around St Thomas's Hospital, where he works, the GP surgeries are happy to prescribe, but he didn't know what the situation was going to be in Ealing. He's going to write to my GP with the recommendation that I switch to Pradaxa, (he said either this or rivaroxaban would be fine but he felt that Pradaxa would suit me better). So, who knows what my GP will say! I'm still undecided about the anticoags. I know that loads of you stay on them and I'm kind of tempted to as well - just don't know! Your thoughts, comments and advice, as always, would be most appreciated. Sue x

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So pleased your ablation has been a success Sue, what a happy situation to be in, well done you! Anticoags, well, I was put on one when I hit 65 (started with AF aged 59), had been on aspirin (shock horror) until that point. I have been taking rixaoxaban without issue for the past 20 months.

Should you take one, personally by choice I would, however I am not a medic, dont know your medical condition and would be guided by your EP he knows you the best. It is interesting that he will go with your decision which he would not do if he thought you would be in danger either way.

My concern about stroke makes the decision easy for me. I hope your decision becomes clear for you.

Kind regards


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Thanks for that Dee and I certainly agree that he wouldn't leave the choice up to me if he thought that I was endangering myself my sticking with them x


More good news there and glad you feel that way about anticoag. I am sure that whatever you choose will be right for you.



Cheers, Bob


It's a dilemma, therealsue. Personally I have the feeling that anticoagulation may be of little benefit to me - it certainly does nothing for my sense of well-being - but the prospect of a major stroke is worse. I am continuing to take warfarin because my children are in favour and because the medical world have leaned on me. I am frightened of warfarin's unpredictability and even more fearful of the NOACs. Peeling potatoes and butternut squash, the stairs, knives and scissors, and the shiny blade of the food processor are frightening. Add ice and snow, uneven ground, driving and gardening. I don't go on remote walks. I've already discovered I'm good at falls, cuts, bruises and fractures and feel sure that one day I'll be a serious bleeder - one way or another.

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Great news Sue! what a relief to have the ablation behind you and successful!

I have been on Rivaroxaban for the last 8 months with no repercussions fortunately. No extra bleeding whatsoever, not cuts, gums... anything. It has seen me through 3 ablations prior and post as well. I can't speak for the other as I have no experience. I take mine as my doctor advised - in the morning with the first meal, which was the only requirement - with food. I've no changes in diet either - one big plus!

Hope you find one you will be comfortable with... when I have the results I'd like, I will not be on any anti-coagulants as I am 0 on the CHADSVASC score other than the 1 of being female. I wouldn't hesitate to go back on the NOACs if I saw it appropriate to the situation. It is a very personal choice!

Best of luck and congratulations!


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