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3 month check up after Cryoablation


Hi all, thought I'd check back in after a while. Had my 3 month follow up with Prof Schilling in London following my Cryo ablation in June and he was very positive about it all. Haven't had any arrhythmias aside from an ectopic here or there so can stop taking my rivaroxaban. Stopped all medications aside from anti coags post ablation so a good sign. Wearing a 7 day holter monitor this week and barring any late flare ups will be given a green light. Feeling very positive after a few tough months wondering why a healthy, fit young lad like myself suffered with the dreaded AF!

Long may it last!

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Great news Bobgolf2.....always good reading a positive post.....all the best!


Great ! Long may it continue.

Good news and fingers crossed for a good Holter result.

Welldone and good luck!

Thanks all, will give an update after Tuesday next week. Just need the anxiety I've had since all of this to fade and I'll be over the moon!

Good news - stay positive

That’s great news.

Great, none better than Prof. Schilling. It's now up to you not to spoil his good work i.e. to maintain a sensible life style re alcohol, hydration, weight and so on. Good luck.


Bobgolf2 in reply to Beta44

Thanks Pete, luckily I am a good weight and have cut alcohol right back to one or 2 glasses of wine a week (pretty good for a 29 year old!) Good advice though!

Beta44 in reply to Bobgolf2

Prof. Schilling carried out my ablation 3.5 years ago and no AF since. Like you I am not overweight, stay fit and drink sparingly. Much older than you though as over seventy although I developed paroxysmal AF in my late thirties.


Good news. Reassuring for my 31 year old daughter who had an ablation at Barts 3 weeks ago. Not by prof Schilling tho. I have had 3 by him. Apparently I am a bit tricky.

Bobgolf2 in reply to Icenae

Hi Icenae, definitely reassuring! The first few weeks can be a bit tough but it gets easier over time as you'd know. I was lucky that I was an easy case and done within 90 mins, fingers crossed for your daughter's recovery!

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