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Hey everyone! Well I heard back from my EP and I had a 48 hour holter monitor 3 months post ablation. What she found was 250 pacs and 1 pvcs she told me to continue taking my beta blocker and that was it that it wasn't dangerous amount and well I simply had to live with it I feel very down because I feel like it was rush there were no suggestions on what I can do or anything she basically made it seem that this was my new normal and although I understand it won't kill me I am only 28 and I don't want to continue to feel these where as they always get me down so I'm turning to you guys. Is there anyone who had a similar situation like me and is there anything I can do to cure these. I don't smoke nor drink alcohol I don't eat the healthiest but I eat low sodium and don't drink any caffeine just water. If any one has any suggestions I would really appreciate it as I've been telling me my fam I just feel myself going into a depression unsure emoticon . Thank you to anyone who read all this.

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  • To put things into perspective I have  over 2000 ectopics a day, do not take any  drugs for it  and live a normal life. The average for most healthy people is 200 and no they are not normally  dangerous.  Try not to worry and move on after what sounds to have been a successful ablation.

  • Thank you for reassuring I guess I will try to ignore them as much as I can. 

  • Try not to worry about them - we AFfers are more sensitive to them - but most non-sufferers would have as many and not even notice them.  Having said that, I find them an absolute nuisance but one way I found of coping was to 'do something' - mild exertion, concentrate on something else and they seem to stop or at least are not noticeable.  The worst thing I did was to worry about them and concentrate on them - they liked the attention and got worse!

    Follow your EP's advice and put them in their place and concentrate on a successful ablation.

    Best wishes

  • Yes I feel like I can feel every single one and well it kicks my anxiety in gear. A friend of mine told me to try acupuncture so I might give that a try and see if I can get my mind off them. Thank you. 

  • Once you have had any diagnosis or test which reveals PACs or PVCs it's difficult not to become anxious about them and it's well known that anxiety  can easily make the ectopic beats worse. It's a vicious circle. However, as BobD says 250 showing up on a 48 hr test is quite normal. In my last 48 hours test when I was really suffering from them, it showed I had 10,000 over that period. I would happily take 250 ectopics a day, but I accept that doesn't necessarily make you feel any better, so what can you do.. It sounds like you have the diet about right, but you don't mention exercise..I think staying reasonably  fit and not carrying too much weight can also help. Someone else suggested acupuncture, but try relaxation or mindfulness tapes to help with the anxiety. Your beta blocker should also help to dampen the effect.  Do try to stay positive as it sounds like your ablation has been largely successful. It is still relatively early days and your heart is still settling and reconfiguring for a few more months yet..

  • I think some people must feel ectopics more than others the way AF is felt by some and not others. I certainly feel some of my individual ectopics badly and hate the sensation of them. When i have continuous ectopics it feels as bad as fast AF or flutter to me so i totally sympathise. 250 bad feeling ectopics is worse than 10000 that you can't feel. My poor friend has VT and she her last monitor showed nearly 20,000 a day....all of which she feels. She feels just as debilitated by the feeling of her ectopics as she is by her VT even though she knows VT can be dangerous and ectopics aren't. f it is any consolation, I had loooads of ectopics for about 3 months after my ablation...i nearly wanted to go back to just lots of AF and no ectopics that i could feel. They DID settle though and now i don't feel them regularly. Yours will probably settle too if you have only recently had ablation. I had lots of bigeminy too which i hated and it also settled after about 2-3 months xxx

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