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Just got a call from my afib nurse and my EP wants to speak to me in person next week about the results of my 7 day irythymn patch I wore. Started my journey over a year ago. Had 3 cardioconversions and had 1st abalation for afib and 2nd abalation in April for flutter. Am on Eliquis. Nurse said my patch showed I still had episodes of flutter but the dr wants to talk to me about what to do next. She said don't lose any sleep over it....but my mind is going wild with what do they do next. Anyone else gone down this path? Any advice please.

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I guess it is natural to worry about things we don't understand but consider that if there was anything really bad they wouldn't wait till next week.

No doubt if there is still some flutter then your EP will have a plan which is why he needs to see you. It would be hideous to try second guessing his ideas so try to be patient and keep a clear head. When you go to see your EP try to have another person with you, a friend/partner/whatever? as from personal experience our brains often shut down and we miss a lot of information at these meetings.

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Bob I was interested in the above post talking about irythmn patch and googled and saw this is now being marketed in UK. Do you know anything about it?


No afraid not as yet. I just assumed there was a language difference .


It's by ZIO and it attached by some powerful tape. It didn't come off until I pulled very hard. You can take a shower with it and then send it back. The company reads it and sends a report to your EO. It is smaller than the palm of your hand.


This is the superduper monitor that I had from the spire. Had it on for 2 weeks showered and all sorts and it stayed on. I hardly knew it was had to be sent back to America to be read. However, I didnt need the monitor to tell me I was back in A fib after my ablation. GRRR. X


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