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Inflammation and its impact

As I read more and more about this and reconcile it against recent history I have something to ask about inflammation markers. Dating back to last October On return from holiday to USA I started with various pains eventually settling on my sternum - many visits to GP misdiagnosis along the way but then told it was costochondritis (inflamation of cartilage between ribs and sternum) it has taken months to clear but told this was down to being unable to NSAIDs and thyroid related grrrrr. I was so poorly and eventually found a link to reactive arthritis (Reiters Syndrome) I had food poisoning in USA and this all started 3 weeks after. A private appointment with a rheumatologist confirmed that, that was most likely what had happened but I didn't get this diagnosis until last month when I was beginning to feel better. Now the Afib and there is a link between reactive arthritis and arrhythmia and even worse damage to aortic valve. I have raised ESR levels which GP said wasOK at 30 linked to inflamation and also CRp at 6.7. I am beside myself now thinking it could be something even worse than what I thought I was dealing with. I intend to go back tomorrow for blood test results but think I really need to push the GP on this - thoughts welcome 😐

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Thanks - knowledge is power isn't it but there's so much to learn! I kept going back to the Drs throughout and they blamed thyroid problems.... It was only through a forum like this that Infound the connection. My worry now is between inflamation and afib I am a believer in magnesium a wise thyroid Dr years ago told me about it - am a bit sporadic taking it but back on the list.



Magnesium is so importAnt and in my case am convinced a lack of it played s part with my af. I take it every single day. Never miss  no af since. 


Can you tell me if magnesium interacts with warfarin and if you have to check with your doctor before taking it, I have been told if you are eating a balanced diet no need to take supplements. I don't think I have a balanced diet. I am on amiodarone which has magnesium in it .


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