Herbs for AF - Wenxin Keli - anyone tried it ?

There is a herbal medicine called Wenxin Keli, developed by the Chinese , specifically for AF /

One can read a lot about it on the web, but one link among many is: (copy and paste into your browser) hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2...

Has anyone tried it ?  It's available from mainland china via Hong Kong,  I was thinking, nothing ventured. nothing gained...but thought i would seek any others who may have given it a try...

According to one page I read about it, it states:  "WenXin KeLi, the first state-sanctioned traditional Chinese medicine-based herbal remedy for arrhythmia"

I do not post this as an endorsement, I not tried it,,,but I don't see many (never seen any in fact)  herbal remedies come up  specifically for AF,. so if nothing else it is worth a comment, hence my post.

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  • My apologies last post, I just searched the posting on this form and see it has been mentioned by others on this forum. I typed the name wrong when i tired before my post, and that is why I saw no postings.....

  • We must recommend that anybody considering alternative medicines to discuss it with your GP or consultant before commencing them. It may or may not be appropriate for your condition or prescriptions. 

  • I certainly would not touch this herb. How would you ever know what it really is.

  • It's not a herb, it's a mixture of different substances.  It's so far impossible to get in the UK unless you buy over the net from a Chinese supplier. UK based TCM people won't have heard of it. I looked but didn't buy. If I'd have found a UK based TCM practitioner that had heard of it I would have done. There's a fair amount of internet literature supporting it but it's very new, but we're all different and there's not one size that fits all.

  • Hi I have tried wenxin keli it had mashed worms added to it so I never bought it again.But I would like to know if there is one that was just herbs

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