London Marathon

London Marathon

Hi everyone. I have PAF and take Flecanide 50mg twice a day. Some time ago I posted that I was running the London Marathon this year for a children's charity called Phab Kids.  I had lots of support from this forum and some of you were even kind enough to sponsor me which was really touching. Anyway,  I just wanted to let you know that I have trained really hard these past few months (with no obvious side effects) and completed the race in 3.45 raising over £1600 so far. So whatever the future holds I am enjoying this moment and thank you all once again for your support. This is the link to my page if you are interested in having a look. Thank you, yan 😊

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  • Well done you.

  • Congratulations! You should be proud, I m sure we all are, here. 😀

  • Not a bad time either, you are one fit guy, and an example to us all that we shouldn't let AF rule our lives after all life is for living  and running ;-)

  • We'll done you!! An inspiration for us all 😃

  • Very well done and a very good time!

  • Absolutely brilliant - well done!

  • Yan, you are an inspiration to us all, you haven't let the monster AFib to get in the way of living the life you are creating! 

  • Well done - that's a massive achievement!


  • Thanks everyone for your very kind comments and support. It means a lot. Thinking back to last year 'pre-diagnosis' I was in such a state so I have a lot to be grateful for 😊

  • Wow, that's fantastic - 3:45!! Your post has made me smile; I had a place for the marathon this year but had to defer it after another episode of my not-long-diagnosed paroxysmal AF a couple of weeks ago which required A&E and my first dose of flecainide to put it right. I was feeling very down and wondering if I'd ever be able to run the marathon next year. I now have hope. Thank you, and really well done.

  • Thank you JacqRobs. Your story sounds very familiar. I was only diagnosed myself with PAF last year after visiting A&E. All the other tests kept missing it. It gradually had got worse and worse until it had gone from very infrequent to once every 2-3 weeks lasting for up to 4 days. Anyway, since being put on flecainide I have not looked back. It's put a smile back on my face. I was very careful and wary at first when training but gradually I regained my fitness. I sincerely hope it works as well for you so you can get back out there. Good luck and if you have any questions please ask!! Yan :)

  • Wonderfull!!

    It gives us all lots of hope, do you have anything else planned?

    I did my 6th Cape Town Cycle Tour in March and know how important it is to have a "normal" sport life.

    But I must say a marathon is a BIG thing in my mind, much harder than cycling, and I hope do do one some day.

  • Hi Janco. Seems I missed your reply 2months ago. Sorry! Hope you're well. I'm currently taking time out but hope and WILL take part in London again next year... ☺

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