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Morning all , have permanent AF also leaking heart valve and heart murmer was diagnosed this year, on all the usual med warfarine bisoprolol10mgs have seen the cardiologist once he keeps cancelling apps 3 so far waiting to have a cardioversion,live in North London under north London hospital not happy with it I think. I would be better off with a heart hospita,l as I don't drive it would have to be in London I have free travel so I can TRAVEL to any part of London any recommendations please on a good heart hospital in London , thank you all this site has been my savior since I found out about! !

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  • Barts or London AF centre-- Prof Schilling's outfit. Royal Brompton group. London Heart Hospital.

    Have a look on the main AF Association website under patient information where there is a list by area.


  • Thank your Bob , my daughter was born in barts , i will ask my GP if i can be referred!

  • Can definitely recommend The Heart Hospital in Westmoreland Street , part of University College Hospital. Very central ,easy to get to. I travelled up from South coast with husband & were both able to stay overnight at hospital extremely cheaply!d. Treatment first class .

  • I believe that all the services currently provided at the Heart Hospital are being transferred to Bart's where there is a new cardiology centre.

  • Thanks Yack, that's interesting although I am now with my EP from The Heart in Brighton where he transferred to . Much closer for me with of course continuity.

  • Yes, good to have the continuity. As I understand it, the staff from the Heart Hosp have transferred to Bart's and I'm due to see the same EP as usual in November.

  • The Heart in Brighton? Can you explain who they are?

  • Seasider, a bit of misunderstanding here. The Heart Hospital is in London. I was referring to my EP who I first saw in London and has since moved to take up post at the RSCH in Brighton . Are you a patient here as well? Sandra

  • No I am in Eastbourne but had my aortic valve replaced at the Royal Sussex. I also attend the hypertension referral centre in Brighton. I had hoped that after my surgery that I could stick with Brighton for my cardiology needs especially as I first went into AF there as a result of my surgery.

    I hear very good reports of them from those who attend there.

  • Thank you

  • I go to St thomas' in Waterloo, Dr. O'Neill. I had my ablation there and all went well.

  • Thank you will do some research!! Will read up on them all tonight

  • I have an excellent cardiologist and see him at St. Margaret's Hospital, Epping. I was referred to Barts for a test, that went well , unfortunately results were not received by my cardiologist, I had another test in Guys hospital. It seems I was born with a hole in the heart. Finally open heart surgery was performed in Guys Hospital January 2006, size of hole about about ten pence piece. From start to finish it was almost six years. I still have a leaky valve but no heart murmur. I have finally learned to manage the warfarin and by keeping to a sensible diet the INR levels are usually within range. I eat broccoli, sprouts, cabbage in moderation.

  • Thank your Vivante , it's a bit too far away from me , regards brenda

  • Royal Brompton, great team from top to bottom. Just had cardio ablation last week for 1 year persistent AF after three failed cardio versions it appears to have worked so far. The trick with all NHS consultants is to make an effort to get on with the secretaries, they are the key to all higher level procedures. Good luck!

  • I've heard a lot of good things about Sabine Ernst at the Brompton. If it wasn't 250 miles from me I would have gone to see her. Your GP can refer you and she takes NHS patients as well as private ones. The problem with switching EPs is that you have to join yet another queue but in this case I think it would be worth it.

  • Thank you all for your information in regards to London hospital,will be seeing my GP next week and will ask to be referred, hope he will be okay with this , has he got the authority to say no? Brenda

  • I also went to Guys and St Thomas'. My EP was Professor Gill who runs an excellent team. Had my ablation 2 years ago with no problems.

  • Hi I had a mitral valve repair, with open heart surgery 10 years ago at the Heart Hospital, I do believe most of it has transferred to St Barts. My surgeon was Mr S Kolvekar.Would definitely recommend.I am still in the care of Dr J M Walker Consultant Cardiologist. Worth the visits to London to get the best care. Hope this helps.

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