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Flutter Ablation one week on

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Just over a week and things are going well. Have experienced a few “bumps” but otherwise heart seems to be behaving. Have felt some tiredness but not too bad, and have been out for a few short walks at a very sedate pace! Bruising in groin fading, so all in all a good week. Still taking it very easy though, lots of tv!!

Thank you everyone for your support.


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very good news well done!

Glad to hear you're doing well and taking life slowly Jo. Hope you're soon 100% fit.


Really good news ,now look forward to even better QOL.

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jobristol in reply to Fastbeat

Thanks Jane, hope you're doing well. Jo

Take it steady! I thought as mine was only a flutter ablation not full blown PVI I could be back to full speed quicker (even with a cold) and started doing odd jobs and decorating. Mistake.

Oh I'm definitely still taking it very easy, husband waiting on me hand and foot. Hope you're doing ok. Jo

Yes Jo I am feeling fairly good,although I am on waiting list for further ablation I feel that 1 st ablation although not completed has had some positives,don't feel my AF like I used to so something good has come out OF it, even though I have to try again.


Hi Jo,I had my Flutter ablation in July 2013,and it takes quite a while for everything to settle down,probably you are looking at 4 to 6 months so don,t try to rush it I started walking just a short walk then built it up to around 3 miles every other day now.All the best hope you are now sorted.

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jobristol in reply to argzxoni61

Thank you, am definitely going to taken it slowly.

It has been 8 days since my ablation. EP could only to aflutter ablation cuz he could not get me in afib. Our post ablation experience are very similar so here is hoping we continue to do great

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jobristol in reply to 12cupcakes

I actually went into flutter on the table, things had been really quiet in the weeks before so was worried they might not get me into flutter! Must have been the fright of being there. Hope things continue to be good for us both.


Hi Jobristol! Glad everything ok with you. Had my 2nd flutter ablation last Tuesday. They did the 3d mapping of the left side of my heart as planned & checked up on the previously ablated right side. Took 4 hours but they were very pleased with the result & of course so was I. Hopefully will be all ok now. Like you the bruising is now beginning to fade, but tried a walk & couldn’t believe how quickly I had to stop for a rest. I feel well, so try to rush off only to be reminded how slow recovery is. Tv is truly a saviour. That and reading. I had some migraine headaches on the days immediately following the ablation but they seem better now. Loads of good wishes for your onward recovery. Jane (Sportfix).

Hi Jane

So glad that it all went well and that you are feeling good. Easy to get carried away isn’t it, I have to keep reminding myself to take it easy. Do take it easy too for another week or so! Hopefully it’s onwards and upwards for us both now, I can’t wait to get back to some exercise but also a little bit afraid! Keep taking it easy and let me know how you’re getting on. All best wishes to you. Jo

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