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Benefits of alivecor

Hi all, what are the benefits or having an alivecor for readings. I have a diagnosis of PAF and it is very clear when it starts and stops. Other rumbles come and go, short racey bits and at other times the feeling like a fish is swimming up my throat and may pop out of my mouth but they don't last long. What do you use alivecor for, what am I not getting about this device?



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Michelle, many people have them and swear by them. I have one and seldom if ever use it. I know , like you, if I am in AF or not and feel that constantly checking is counter productive and just causes stress.

If one is still trying to get a proper diagnosis of AF or another arrhythmia then they are a great idea and can be very useful by producing proof when regular hospital tests may have failed. In your case I do not think you are missing anything.

Purely personal opinion of course.


Absolutely great for recording an episode so that you can take it to GP, cardiologist or EP.


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