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Rainbow Ramipril

Can't believe that different manufacturers of Ramipril use different coloured tablets for the same dosage. My 5 mg Ramipril has come in shades of bright red and bright green!

When I pointed this anomaly out to my pharmacist he tried to assure me that the product would be the same irrespective of the colour. But this is not the point, is it? Surely it would be safer to standardise colours for each dosage irrespective of manufacturer.

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I agree with you, however may I just point out that there are those of us (Male only I understand) who are colour blind (not as bad as my brother with "look at the big grey buses mum") But still colour is a problem for me and I never use it to differentiate.

So the warfarin nurse twittering on about colour coding, and I said, Yes but are they stamped with the dose......

And even my local authority, who have given me three bins, allegedly Blue/Green/Grey

The 3 worst colours for most colour blind people, and who when I said please can I have signs actually replied to me with a chart showing which rubbish went into which colour bin. Needless to say I said that's great now can you please tell me how I know what colour the bins are please.

So I do get your point and do agree, but for some of us.... Print the dosage on the tablet please. :)

Be well



Agreed Ian and while I am not colour blind I do think the shapes ought to stay the same. Sometimes some of mine are lozenge shaped, sometimes round and sometimes even lozenge with notches out of them which is a nuisance when others are always lozenge with notches but a bit smaller.

I find I actually have to READ what is on them when I fill my 7 day pill box. What will they think of next.

Spare a thought for the flecainide people who can't even get their medication.


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I've had Losartan in four different shapes and sizes recently and Esomeprazole in tablet and capsule form on the same prescription.


Mine are Bright Orange, but mine are Varapimil 5mg, but i agree with you they are always changing , i was told its when the Chemist get a cheaper version but they are suppose to be the same, Suzy


My husband has this problem with some meds. (not for AF) and has refused to take the newly coloured ones from the chemist insisting on the originals.So far so good.Verapamil has also begun to prescribe two different colours, as Susietoshoes mentioned so I went down 'the husband path' and also refused the newly coloured also worked......try it.We do not want confusion added to AF do we?


Some of the colours are from E numbers and some used here are banned in America. I put my joint pain when taking 1mg warfarin down to the E123/Amaranth in it. Since going back on Warfarin last month I am not using 1mg.

Other colours are not suitable for vegetarians

Many years ago I was buying something at a herbalists and out of devilment asked her how her vegetarian customers reconciled taking gelatine capsules with their beliefs. A look of horror on her face as she said that she had never thought of that. Some time later she had a sign up to the effect that all capsules were made of non animal products.


Check the 1mg at the chemists now because certainly for my make E123/Amaranth in has been taken out.


That's good, I'm glad that someone listens to me!! Which make are you getting. I'm usually on 8mg so no problem and I have a stock of 0.5 mg. ones.


Current one is Bristol and I think that the previous one was Crescent Pharma.

When someone raised this issue a year ago I looked then and it was OK. Can't remember that make.


Some tablets aren't even stamped it's very worrying when another medicine is exactly the same size and shape . My bisoprolol pills this time are the same as one of the " water" pills that I take. There is a very strong case for standardisation as I'm sure some people must be more confused than I am and take the wrong pills with detrimental results. Keep well, Terry.


This seems even worse to me - Warfarin 3mg comes in a blue and white box which is identical to my Ramipril 10mg!!

Whoops my chemist has just dispensed 50mg Eplerenone tablets. The prescription was for 25mg! Someone had even stuck the 25mg printed slip onto the 50mg box. As I said to the pharamcist - it's a good job somebody is checking!!


Well you are bound to get some tablets being the same size and colour. However with the boxes more options are possible but obviously manufacturers will want to standardise box sizes because of automatic packaging and also colour and layout schemes because of corporate branding.


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