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Has anyone found laxative prep before colonoscopy affecting AF?


I'm due to have a colonoscopy soon and consultant gave me Moviprep to take at home the day before I have the procedure. I did tell her I had AF. The instructions say that it can cause palpitations and warnings about taking it if you have heart disease or an irregular heartbeat.

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I would ring the department and ask them if you should have something different to take. I had a colonoscopy cancelled because I went into AF. Don't think they changed my medication next time though. I didn't link it to that, but didn't take moviprep. the name of what I did takes escapes me right now but it's a common one.

Hi, I had this 2 weeks ago and didn't go into AF. The prep was Klean-Prep and was very efficient. I do get palpitations and missed beats but no AF apparently, thanks to the Diltiazem. We are all very different though, I would check with the department. Hope it goes OK.

Had picolax and senokot for that procedure with no problem.

Good luck .


I've had Moviprep three times now, all since AF, and there have been no problems. If it's your first colonoscopy, don't listen to some of the more lurid tales, it's not that bad. It feels a bit like trapped wind rumbling around.


Being dehydrated can definitely trigger AF, and it is easy to be dehydrated after a colonoscopy prep. Talk with the anesthesia people at the hospital to make sure you get adequate fluids

Hi Blackcat, I took Moviprep last year before I had my colonoscopy and thankfully no AF. Good luck with the colonoscopy, kind regards, Gemsmum

There are alternatives, so ask your doctor. Dehydration and no food have triggered AF for me.

Don't want to scare you but my Colonoscopy put me back into AF 15 months after being in NSR after cardioversion as the probe stimulated my vagus nerve.

I had movieprep with no problems but I made sure to drink lots of water to keep hydrated.

Bear in mind that anything you drink will run right through you in about 2 minutes flat once you're prepped, so don't go drinking anything just before you walk out of the door! :-D

Thank you all for replying. I am somewhat reassured by most of your posts. I will also take the advice to ring the colonoscopy dept. and ask a few questions. Can't say I'm looking forward to either the prep or the procedure! I had it done a few years ago before a bowel re-section and it wasn't my favourite experience! 😏

I know what you mean blackcat i found the prep worked so fast i had to be next to my toilet in hospital!, This was the worst part of my colonoscopy But i recommend you accept the sedation you wont remember a thing about it!!

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Not everyone does!! On my last one I went out like a light and very quickly. The nurse afterwards said that she was very disappointed since we had started having an interesting discussion and she wanted to continue it. However the previous one I was awake for most of it and consultant was very informative and descriptive.

Thanks all, I had the same question!

Thank you everyone for those comments, I was going to ask the same question too, I have palpitations everyday and my parents both does from the heart so as you can imagine, I’m a little reluctant to take the moviprep, but you’ve put my mind at rest, thank you, ☺️

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