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ECG interpretation FutureLearn course

Thanks to a suggestion from someone here, I have just completed a six hour course on ECG interpretation.

I did not find it difficult. Some of the early material on how to do a full ECG was irrelevant to me, but the explanations of the physical heart and the electrical heart were super clear. In week two, you just get the basics: normal sinus rhythm, atrial problems, and ventricular problems. Once again the videos and pdf files were super clear. You can also download them and use them to explain to others what is happening.

Some of us have bought portable ECG machines, and use them to confirm/evaluate life events. I found the course helpful. My major frustration was that it stopped after the second week.

I am posting this because I think others on this forum would find the course interesting. It is free, and you work at your own speed.

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Thank you and well done.


This course should last for 4 weeks, suggest you look at it next Monday, when they should send you a email saying that week three has started


I hope so! Either way, I would encourage people on this forum to do the course.


So would what you have learnt enable you to glean more from an Alivecor reading when it tells you nothing is wrong because you don't have AF but there is clearly something else going on?




The two weeks explain simply what is going on. It gives you the first steps in reading an ECG for yourself. I do not have an Alivecor. I have sometimes used my ECG machine to confirm to me I am still in NSR after a bit of trouble, and would like to be able to take an ECG when something is happening, and read it for myself. Not there yet. But better foundations now.


Thank you for bringing this course to my notice. I am just finishing a course with futurelearn on Heart Health. I have now joined up for this new course. It starts on the 13th March and lasts for just two weeks and will take about 2 hours a week. Most of these courses are easy to understand and interesting so give it a go if you are interested.


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