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Some of you might have recently seen my post about my ECG and what it meant. After some Googling, I found an online service that interpret ECGs/give second opinins, within 24hours for a cost of 15USD/£9.99. I was sceptical but pleased with the service and what they came back with. Just incase anyone else is interested/curious the website that I contacted is as follows:

Basically, you have to email your ECG with a series of questions that they answer directly, so the better the questions, the better the response I guess!


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  • AliveCor do an analysis for £5

  • Hi Peter do they analyse Hospital taken ECGs? It was a hospital 12 lead ECG that I had analysed.

  • Not sure. Ask them.. I used them for a couple of mine and I know some on this forum have used them more often.

  • The NHS and your cardiologist do it for nothing if you ask them!

  • Granted. However my experience in hospital is that they don't discuss them unless you ask and then not in any detail. As for my cardiologist, weeks and months may pass before an appointment and in my case I had ECGs taken weeks ago and am still waiting for an appointment to see him. So for me, it was a very useful service.

  • I have had two EPs look at the same ECG one who said it was AF one who said it was definitely not.

  • My GP offers a 12 lead service. The nurse fits the leads and takes the measurements, then sends the data to the local hospital by modem who look at it immediately and send an email with the results to the GP who sees me about 10-15 minutes later.

  • That's a good service Mike!!

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