Hi everyone, hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I've just been told I have Asthma !! I've been prescribed ventolin but on reading the leaflet it says there can be an interaction while taking Amiodarone (I'm also on Bi soprolol and Warfarin). I rang the pharmacy and was told nothing was flagged up. Does anyone here take both Amiodarone and Ventolin?


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  • I don't know but try looking on then go to drugs interaction

  • Thanks Peter, I went on that site, it's very informative. I'm full of a cold at the moment so not taking the Ventolin and as I'm seeing the Asthma nurse on Wednesday I'm going to hold off till I've seen her. It does can it can cause an increased risk of fast or irregular heart beat but the doctor may have decided that it's an acceptable risk. Wouldn't you have though the doctor would have told me.

  • You really need to discuss this with your pharmacist and doctor.

  • Hi, sorry you are dealing with asthma. Ventolin is one of those drugs that can raise your heart rate significantly as well as raise your blood pressure. So of course you have to breathe, but make sure that your EP knows that this has been prescribed and make sure whomever gave you the Rx for the Ventolin knows that you have A.F. The last thing you want is for it to send you into an episode.

  • Ventolin will not cure asthma, it just relieves the symptons. Go back to your GP and ask to try Seretide which should improve your condition. No guarantees of course but it is the gold standard solution.

    Also you should NOT be on bisoprolol if you are asthmatic - this can and does kill. Ask for a change to nebivolol or another highly cardio-specific beta blocker.

  • Asthma & beta blockers do not mix well! You should tell the cardo doc asap you've just been diagnosed & get them stopped & get on an alternative (I'm on Diltiazem). Hope this is helpful.

  • Yes calcium blockers like Diltazem are a good alternative for asthmatics but their effect can wear off over time.

  • Thanks Mike. I'm hoping to see the doc at some point but I'm not taking the ventolin until everything is checked. I had no idea I was asthmatic it was a strange line of events which resulted in a spirometry test which resulted in that conclusion, I always put my shortness of breath down to costochronditus and the meds that I take for af.

  • Ventolin

    Stay clear

    Look up nose breathing

    Asthmatics over breathe

    Long story but I'm classed as Asthmatic but ventolin put me into AF with over use on a Yomp for Royal Marines charity

    That's my thoughts only

    Now I went on a butako course and nose breathing and knowledge means I don't use inhalers

    Feel like I should sometimes but just relax and concentrate on nose breathing and it passes

    Sounds like bullshit but I can assure you it's better than inhalers

    It's all about retaining Carbon dioxide in the lung which opens up the small airways

    When you over breathe you lose that function

    Hope that helps

    Asthma nurse asked me to breathe in the tube at my review

    And my reading was poor said I should still take inhalers

    I asked her (who cycles a lot )to breathe in the tube

    Hers was no better than mine

    There's the answer 😎

  • Thanks. The worrying thing is a doctor and pharmacist are supposed to check for interactions and neither of them had any problem with me taking it.

  • You would think!!!!!!they don't ....especially the doctors!

  • Are you in the UK ? When the GP types the drugs he wants to prescribe into the prescription page it normally flags up any interactions which he has to manually override, as it does if the dosage is non-standard.

    Some pharmacies are also on the same system but I don't believe it's fully rolled out yet.

  • Hard that you did that!!! Good for you!

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