Ventolin inhaler with AF

I have had a cough for over 3 months starting after a bad chest infection, been to the Dr and have had three lots of antibiotics, none helping. He then give me a ventolin inhaler about six weeks ago, I haven't got asthma, but I had an AF episode lasting 4 hours whilst taking it. I read the leaflet and it said inform your Dr if you have an arrhythmia problem, I stopped taking it. My question is does anyone on this site use an inhaler and have AF and does it cause any problems. My cough is actually worse this weekend and I am going to go back to Dr next week as I am getting quite worried about it, I don't smoke. I am on Apixaban and no other medicine. I use Bisoprolol as PIP when needed. Kind regards, Heather

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  • We can't give advice re meds but I was on ventolin and when I started AG was taken off it- I now have a steroid inhaler and atrovent inhaler( for more acute needs and it works very well.

  • Thanks RosyG for reply, I realise no one can give advice re meds on the site, but what I was trying to find out was did salbutamol cause problems with AF, regards Heather

  • I think that was why I had to change!!

  • I use salbutamol as a Reliever and Qvar as a Preventer. I try to keep my puffs of Salbutamol to just the amount I need to relieve symptoms. I also take Apixaban. So far no conflicts even when I get a chest infection and need to "up" the Salbutamol considerably.

    I do cut back as soon as possible.

  • I have mild asthma and also cannot use a Ventolin inhaler, I just keep my Qvar inhaler for when I have a cold etc and only use it sparingly.

  • Thanks for replies Enjoy and jay10. I have never heard of Qvar so when I see Dr next week I will mention to Dr that I thought the salbutamol brought on my AF episode and see what he recommends, regards Heather

  • I have AF and asthma. I use ventolin and Qvar twice a day and still only get AF from time to time, roughly 2monthly.

  • I asked if I could have an inhaler because of shortness of breath and my doctor said no way should anyone with AF have an inhaler.

  • Ventolin is known to raise heart rate and can exacerbate AF. My arrhythmia nurse told me no way should I ever use one but we are all different.

  • I had an issue with an inhaler called fostair which triggered one of my worst ever Af attacks and I do somtimes feel a bit fluttery if I take ventollin. Luckily the preventor I take now keeps asthma at bay so I seldom have to use ventollin but discuss it with your GP as there are alternatives

  • Thanks for replies, much appreciated and very helpful, regards, Heather

  • If one type of inhaler isn't working, there are others that will help. See a pulmonary doctor to find the root cause and this will determine the type of inhaler you need.

  • I have asthma and my inhaler caused my Af I'm confident of that

    I went on a course teaching how to.nose breath and the controlled


    Hard to explain but inhalers are bad news

  • I have a combined inhaler, mixed reliever and preventer. It is called Duoresp Spiromax. If I have an asthma attack I take an extra dose. You really need expert advice on what kind of inhaler is suitable for you. It is all very well saying Ventolin or similar is bad for those with AF, which it is, but AF does not kill while asthma frequently does, and COPD causes very poor QOL. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

  • In December last year I was a emergency admission to A & E with chest infection and a virus. I was put on a nebulisor with subutamol in it. I must have had two of these before I saw another A&E doctor, My HR had gone up quite a lot to 160/170 and BP as well.

    He told me that subutamol causes this but he was happey to carry on with the nebulisor if I could cope with the high HR, as it should come down in the next few days. It did when I had my last session on nebulisor. I have permanent AF so can feel reasonble okay with that sort of HR. I was monitored carefuly of course to make sure it did not go any higher.

  • This is really interesting. I'm on fostair 1 puff twice a day and I have a ventolin inhaler which I use when necessary. Both my respiratory consultant and cardiologist didn't bat an eyelid when I asked about contraindications. Perhaps I need to go back to them.

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