Appointment with EP on 1st March, FINALLY!

So I've finally had all the relevant tests - echocardiogram, many ECG's, blood tests (including full blood count) and 24-hour urine test - and have been made an appointment on 1st March to see a renowned EP specialist, apparently with over 35 years experience. I'm happy that I'm finally being dealt with - credit to a doctor's secretary - and it obviously is a relief.

However, I'm still very on edge, especially with these damn ectopics, which are a daily occurrence. Felt my pulse earlier and it'd stopped, but started again as normal a second or two later. Really annoying, and frightening. Do you guys get that a lot with AFib, and what are your methods of coping with them? I realise that most people get them, but its hard to tell how many I'm having per day, so I'm unsure as to the severity of my ectopics. Its very up and down for me at the moment, but its nice to know I can post on here without feeling ashamed.

Thanks for all those who offered advice on how best to handle my situation, as regards to getting seen etc.


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  • Great news Micwal! That's only three weeks away.

    Make sure you have details of all your symptoms - frequency and durations ready, as well as questions for your EP. Some people take a relative along to help with remembering the amount of information you may be given.

    Never feel ashamed about asking for advice- we all need support and help.

    Ectopics are a pain- mine have been 'told' that I am ignoring them - no monitoring, no pulse feeling and no worrying. It works - sort of. They do subside sometimes and you can get on with your life.

    Very best wishes for the 1st.

  • Yes, good luck with your appointment. You are taking control of your AFib and that's a big step towards feeling better. As Finvola posted, keep a record of any episodes and write your questions. Let us know how you make out with your appointment!

  • Thank you Gracey, and I will do!

  • Hi Finvola, and thanks for the reply!

    I have taken your advice and will record each event in an AF diary, that I'll carry with me at all times. The first event recorded was tonight in fact, a run of ectopic beats caused me to go into AF, but managed to calm myself down a bit and my heart rate normalised after a few minutes. The ectopics still come and go as I type though! Are there any medications for ectopic beats? I was prescribed Bisoprolol from the A+E, but I haven't gone to pick them up yet. I took one when I was at the department, and they slowed down my heart rate a fair amount, but from what I understand, they've prescribed me with a lower dose. Do you know whether this medication may help to reduce my ectopics?

    By now you can probably tell that the missed and extra beats are my primary concern!

    Thanks a lot!


  • Micwal - some posters have been told that Bisoprolol 'takes the edge off' the ectopics. I hope you can get relief from them.

  • As far as I know, the main thing I suffer from are ectopics, constantly. Like you, my pulse seems to disappear on and off, but Im still here 😊 . Various rhythm control drugs work on me and I now have a steady beat.


  • If you are really worried about your heart stopping they can always insert an

    Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD). This is like a pacemaker but doesn't normally pace the heart, just gives it a big kick back to life if it stops for too long a time. However if you do have one of these and it does kick in, you're not allowed to drive for a period of time.

  • Hi HappyJo and thanks for your advice. I've already had a 24 hour ECG monitor back in June and it picked up nothing. I think the ECG's I do have picked up enough for the EP to work with if I'm honest.

    I've already started an AF diary and will write down questions for the doctor closer to my appointment. Unfortunately I'm going to have to go alone because my parents are very busy and live quite far away from my uni city.


  • Write down the questions NOW as you go along because you won't remember them all at the time. This way you can always cross them out if you get an answer and, importantly, you can check what th consultant that the answer is correct.

  • Okay, will do!

    Already jotted a few down, are there any important questions I should ask about the AF or about my echo, or anything at all?

  • Anyone remember the days when an waiting to see an ep just meant your favourite band had a single longer than 3 minutes.....

    You can at least enjoy the knowledge that the wait is almost over and it is all moving in the right direction, pleased for you

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