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First meeting with EP

So its all good news in my eyes! Echo came back normal on all fronts (I have quite a strong heart apparently), nothing apart from Afib on my ECG's, and I've been symptomless for 2-3 weeks now. I feel brilliant! Now I know there's nothing structurally wrong with my heart, my valves are good, I can finally carry on with my life and do the things I love without worrying about impending death!

Been prescribed Propranolol in case I have an attack (Pill in Pocket), and he has sent a letter to my GP about possibly prescribing Flecanide (not sure if I spelt that right), if my symptoms worsen. My EP is the best doctor I've ever seen, so personable and extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Answered my questions thoroughly and comprehensively, and gave me reassurance that he's not worried about my condition at all because I have very low stroke risk. No blood thinners prescribed as he deemed it not necessary.

Overall, I am so much more confident about my situation, and now I know my heart is structurally normal and strong, I feel like I can just get on with my life!

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That is fantastic news. Good for you. So, what is your actual CHAD score, what is your blood pressure sitting at, and what range does your Heart Rate fluctuate between?


Hi Max. I know, I'm very relieved to say the least! My CHAD score is 0, and I have decent blood pressure (ranges typically between 115-135/65-75 throughout the day, and normally my heart rate fluctuates between 55-90, depending on activity level.


Good news. You will be relieved. God luck..


excellent news - which is always good to read

hope it lasts , good luck


Good news indeed - best wishes for the future!


Thank you Finvola!


Fantastic news! Big sigh of relief. Live healthy, my friend.


What's this? A happy correspondent? Good news? A positive outlook? Whatever it is I've just read, it certainly is a breath of fresh air. So good to hear it! Best of luck down the road. :-)


Many congratulations! I had a virtually identical experience with an excellent consultant EP in Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital recently.

Clear, patient, confident and very reassuring. It is so important that all AF sufferers see an electrophysiologist rather than (no disrespect intended) a plumber-cardiologist without the EP specialism. It took over 18 months for me to have it clarified that very short periods of AF do NOT raise stroke risk beyond that of the general population. In one 50 minute consultation my (unwarranted) embedded feeling of vulnerability and fragility was dissipated. Of course, for those suffering extended periods of AF this will be little comfort and you have my deepest sympathy; but for those of us lucky enough to have transient and very brief episodes it really is enormously helpful to seek and receive such clarification.

Congrats again! Enjoy.


How long do your episodes last?


3 to 4 minutes.


Yeah mine lasto roughly the same length. I've had a small attack just now, fortunately had medication on me in case it got worse but seems to have subsided mostly after about 5 minutes


Hi Micwal, I am similar it's known as Lone PAF. Similar BP/pulse. It was the best news also for me and meant I was not too late to control it myself with changes in diet/lifestyle/supplements.

I have had no AF for 2 years now but they did put me on 200mg/day Flecainide to stabilise it and I have not weaned myself of that yet - still trying to sort out some gastric issues first.

All the best.

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