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If your HR is higher than normal after ablation and it increases through illness, does it increase in proportion?

This is hard to explain in a few words!

When I was in hospital with diverticulitis (home on antibiotics now and feeling better but paranoid about having to return!) my HR sometimes went up to 120 or more and seldom below 95 which was quite tiring. My resting heart rate since the ablation about 7 weeks ago has been about 85, though my 'natural' resting HR is about 65. What I wonder is would that have resulted in an 'ill' HR of 75 - 100 or would it have been the same?

I believe HR increases during infection to circulate blood to the area so I'm not sure if starting from a high base was helpful or not!

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Sorry Buffafly, been away. I think that is fairly normal so don't worry. It isn't that high anyway so see how things go when you get better. If it isn't irregular don't worry.


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Not worried, just curious!


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