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Low heart rate 7 days after ablation

hi, I have paroxysmal AF and no other problems. Had pvi radio freq ablation a week ago. The last couple of days my HR was in the low 50,s per min. Today it was 46bpm. Anyone else have anything similar post ablation? I am only taking apixaban 5mg twice daily.

A few years ago I was a high volume runner and then my resting hr was about 40bpm, but my normal these days would be 55-60.

I would appreciate any ideas/opinions.



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Personally I would call the arrhythmia nurse at the hospital where you had your ablation. If your HR has dropped to its pre-AF days taking Bisoprolol will have dropped it further as well as stopping it going too high. However it is a balance and you should not make any adjustments on your own back.

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Sounds as though you may have heart block. What does your ECG show ? Is there a `P` wave ?


I am due to see ep in a couple of weeks so I will just monitor the situation. Thanks for the response


HI Iv,

I'm three weeks post 2nd ablation and my HR too dropped into the 40's. My resting HR is around 55, but the past three weeks have seen it drop low, then I've have three episodes of AF one lasting 12 hours the others about 20 mins. The main thing is I haven't felt unwell whether in AF or not. I think this is to be expected for several weeks after an ablation, but if you worried then contact your arrhythmia nurse.




thanks for that Jason. Reassuring to know someone else with similar symptoms. I feel good otherwise.


hi iveagh1

you sound a bit like me always done alot of sport AF been at 38 resting then AF come along at the age of 54 my resting HR after 1 ablation is 40 to 50 cant be to accurate as in persistent AF 58 now still do my sport not as good but at least Im still a player i take apixaban better then warfarin All the best


Sorry that should read HR 38 at rest long day


thanks Geza10, yes I have played loads of sport most of my life. Hoping that's not to blame though as I want to get back into it. My cardiologist said I should have no restrictions as regards sport. I hope he's right!.


Whether or not the sport was to blame is irrelevant now so don't kick yourself!!! What will be will be and you can't turn back the clock. You enjoyed the sport at the time. No doubt that playing a lot of competitive sport was a significant factor with me developing AF because what with that and work I was an adrenalin junkie!!!


me too PeterWh. Stressful job long hours. I have a strong family history for af so the other factors probably triggered it a bit earlier than would otherwise have happened.


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