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Appt here woo hoo

Got an appt to see my cardiologist next Friday woo hoo. Hopefully can get something sorted. Can def tell him now my af is increasing (last episode 12 hours) and becoming more frequent. Hopefully can also get a decision on whether im having a pmaker/defib put back in (for my cardiomyopathy). My partner told me to write list of questions this time and thats what im going to do as usually im not really taking info in. So this time next week should know whats happening/going to happen. Fingers and toes crossed x

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Take somebody with you as one seldom remembers everything that is said. Good luck


My partner or mother going with me. It seems a bit strange my appts came two days after I rang the cardiologists secretary to ask when I was seeing doc. The day after I rang got an automated appt reminder call for Fridays appt and yesterday got my MRI appt through the post. Strange


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