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Newbie here!

Hi all, I was diagnosed with AF in May after a 24hr ECG. I'm seeing a cardiologist for the first time in 2 weeks time and I would be really grateful for any help with what sort of questions I should be asking.

My GP had put me on 2.5mg of Bisoprolol and Amoxapine anticoagulate. I feel rough as old dogs most of the time! Constantly out of breath and so very tired, looking at other posts that seems par for the course. I'm also supposed to be having a major operation on my stomach in the next few months, does anyone have any advise at all on what I should be prepared for, I'm trying to get as much information together and be informed when I speak to my surgeon.

Great site, it is really helpful and reassuring to know there are people out there that understand what I'm going through, I feel a bit isolated as I don't know anyone else who suffers from AF.

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Opps I'm on Apixaban not Amoxapine! Fuzzy brain!!!


OK thought that odd.

I would really just ask what treatment plan is in the offing and also ask if the cardiologist is actually an expert in arrhythmias as most are just plumbers not electricians. Electrophysiologists are specialists in arrhythmias and the best people to see. If you don't get satisfaction then ask to be referred to one.

Bisoprolol often makes people feel worse not better and there are other options. Fatigue, breathlessness etc are all symptoms of the Bisoprolol as well as the AF.

For information please go to AF Association main website where there are loads of fact sheets on all aspects of AF and its treatment.

You may find that the doctors dealing with your stomach issue may not wish to operate until your AF has been stabilised so do call and ask the team about that before you get too far down the line. It depends a lot on individuals so best to find out.

Hope some of that helps.



Hi Kimmie

Well you now know around 3,380 people who suffer from AF which is the number of people on this board :)

Seriously we are all sufferers and we have been there, tried it and some of us actually have the T shirt (Literally although green is really not my colour AF Association if you are reading :) )

As Bob says, try and get it front of an EP not a cardiologist, and talk to your consultant for the stomach Op, ask him/her what difference AF will make, will anything change, what about the anti-coagulant, you need to have discussed these things well in advance ideally.

And lastly of course ask away, that's what we are here for

Be well



Sorry Ian it could only ever have been green or blue and STARS got there first! I'm rather fond of lilac, what do you think?

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Certainly better than Green, if I wear that T Shirt people stop me and ask for sweetcorn :)


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Thanks gentlemen for your helpful advice> I had my gall bladder out a few months before I was diagnosed with AF in May, I'm sure I have read somewhere that having an operation can sometimes trigger AF?

I have an appointment with my surgeon two days after seeing the cardiologist so I have loads to ask and consider. It has not been a great year health wise, I'm 56 and at the moment feel 86 ( apologies to anyone who is 86 !). I have been off work more times than ever in my life, and although they are very understanding I feel very guilty about letting people down. Some days I feel so exhausted it takes all my strength to get showered and dressed.

I am so glad I have found this site, I may become a nuisance with all my questions!! So sorry in advance, I don't like green either Ian, I'm more of a red kinda girl :)



Never a nuisance and never a silly question. I'm 58 and started off on 2.5 mg and Rivaroxaban it changed my life in so many ways. People could not see that I was ill but I could feel it, hard to get up in the morning, no energy to do anything. My problems started when my rate dropped to 33 and when I went to the he got me a 48 hr tape and this captured my rate went up to 173 when I went for a walk. So I was booked in for an Ablation. 5 months later I have only had 3 events when my rate went up to 150 for no reason ( sitting down watching telly) I can feel it and I go off to bed and it goes after 60-90 mins. Due to see my Cardiologist next month to find out what happens next. Good luck and keep chatting.

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Good advice from everyone. Just wanted to say hello and welcome.



Thanks Jock and jean for your replies.

I decided to have a good house clean up today before the weather turns, now lying on the sofa pooped lol.


It would be a good idea if you could keep a diary record of any events to show to the cardiologist. Daily b.p. and heart rate are helpful.

Things like " breathless at 3pm" and " AF for 2 hrs from 7am" help to paint a picture. Unless you write it down you will forget.

Good luck.


Hi Kimmie,

I had a minor procedure in hospital under General Anaesthetic, told the anaesthetist that I have AF and he was happy that they had the necessary drugs in theatre to be able to sort it out if it triggered. Needless to say, it didn't trigger anything!



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