Hospital tommorow for TOE then Cardio Ablation

Hospital tommorow for TOE then Cardio Ablation

Hi all just to let all you lot know its the night before my hospital treatment at Basildon Hospital for ablation procedure and ive just shaved all my groin area all ready for op lol. Havent packed my bags yet as not in till 1 tommorow for TOE (camera down throat) then in over night then off to another ward next day for ablation, then in over night again and hopefully will be home sometime wednesday, ill try and type a blog for you all if i can, and let you all know how i get on, havent bothered typing a will yet. Lol, very nervous now but sure im worrying about nothing, eitherway ill let you know all what happens, and hopefully ill be out of AF and back to normal living! Wish me luck guys!

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  • Breathe deeply and relax, good luck. Terjo

  • Thankyou

  • Best wishes, Steve - it'll be over in no time.

  • Thanks hope so

  • Steve, here's wishing you all the best for tomorrow.

    Having had 3 ablations I can tell you that they are no worse than giving birth......LOL

    Seriously, you are bound to be nervous but you will be well looked after. It's all the build- up to the procedure which adds to the anxiety.

    Good luck then & look forward to a full report !



  • No worse than giving birth! Omg! Lol, yes im sure ill be fine just want it over and done with now, thanks for your funny message

  • I my experience giving birth was a doddle - definitely would have survived in the Stone Age

  • Go with the flow, relax and enjoy. Waiting for your updates.

  • Will do, thanks

  • Yes, get into the cath lab and the technology will boost your confidence! All the best!

  • Thankyou

  • I do hope all goes well- let us know how you get on Good luck!!

  • Will do rosyG, thanks

  • All will be good. Looking forward to your blog.x

  • Yes just hope i get a signal on my phone in there to post it lol, thankyou

  • Good luck don't like the idea of giving birth again hahaha

  • Hehe thanks

  • Good luck old chap. A walk in the park....

  • Thankyou

  • Hope all goes well for you Steve. Heather

  • Thanks Heather

  • So you're in today (Monday) I am sure all will go well and you will feel like a new man - well I guess that depends on your persuasion - ha ha ha - no it will not affect your sexuality - just my warped humour sorry.

    Seriously - I do hope all goes well - keep us posted.

  • Thanks Susie, yes im in at 1 pm today, dont feel that bad actually just very thirsty and cant drink

  • Hi Steve,

    My best wishes for the procedure.


  • Thanks Barry

  • Good luck 🍀.

    My usual story is don't expect too much too soon. I found the procedure and groin etc no problem but my heart took 5 months to settle down. I had lots of arrhythmias and thought it had failed but then all went quiet and that's how it has stayed for two years now. No meds except anticoagulant and its so good not to have af.

    So relax, rest and stay positive.


  • Yes, i bet it feels different not having AF?? Lol, im always in AF and its so annoying lallym, im glad your feeling better now and op seemed to of worked, hope same goes for me. Thanks lallym

  • No good saying don't worry, you will anyway! Had mine done two weeks ago, I m a bit. Older than you at 71, feeling fine, theses people really know what they're doing, you'll be fine. Now I've realised that I can't immediately run upstairs(der) things going well. Rest more than you expect to need. Gradually, each day, things will feel better. Good luck xxxx

  • Thankyou Lorna, i hope im asleep and dont remember anything when having it all done,but think im going to be awake, cant really remember what she said now, lol, good luck with your recovery any way lorna and take it easy, glad your ok and thankyou

  • I have had them awake and asleep.

  • Good luck! I hope all goes well for you. I had mine 10 days ago. Rest plenty afterwards. I think I thought I could do more than I could! I'm now trying to be patient and enjoy being waited on!


  • Cheers Judie

  • Very best wishes for a successful outcome. I have had one ablation and am so glad that I had it done. It can't be that bad if you consider that so many of us have had 2 or 3 or more!

    Do take a sports-type bottle and a tin of Vaseline or lip salve in with you. The dry lips nearly drove me to distraction.

  • Ok cheers for advice jenny, im so dry at mo was suppose to of got up at 5 to have drink and light breakfast but forgotas its nill by mouth for 6 hours got to wait probably till after 1pm now, oh well

  • Good morning Steve, just wanted to wish you all the best and reiterate you will be absolutely fine. I am 63 years young, been in AF for 3 years. Had cryo ablation in March 2013, in NSR for one year then the 'mongrel' that is AF returned ............ Just had another ablation (burning one) sorry don't know correct names! Had that last Wednesday down in Brighton with my wonderful EP and his team. It all went well, he was very happy with how it went. Had mine under a GA (was more worried about that than the actual procedure)! Am now in NSR - hooray and it feels marvellous I can't tell you. Am resting up at home, feeling quite weepy but NO AF .......... As I say you will be fine, you will be in competent hands and the joy of not being in AF any more is so worth it. Looking forward to your blog, as I said it really will be fine. Sending hugs and reassurance to you. Good luck. This site is full of kind, lovely people who will help you through. Best wishes Frances

  • Very best of luck. You are in a nice part of England to recover!!!!!

  • Great news Frances, i hope you stay in NSR forever now, thankyou for your kind words. Not long now ....

  • Best wishes Steve . Have had two and honestly for me no problems or pain. In fact hardly aware of what was going on. Let us know how it goes.


  • Well said Jean, that really made me feel good xxxx Thankyou xxxx

  • Wishing you AF free and looking forward to your blog . Denise

  • Thanks Denise

  • Sending very best wishes for a successful outcome. Wishing you well 😉


  • Thanks Susan

  • I have had 2 TOE they are a bit weird but not that bad.

    Good luck with the Ablation.

  • Thanks mate, ill let ya know in a little while lol

  • Good luck with it all xx

  • Thanks Hun x

  • So hope it goes well. I have had three ablasions. Mine did not work. Most do however. No problems having them however. I was very nervous too but it was a piece of cake.

  • Thanks for support mary, just wish they would do ablation while im asleep but no i have to be awake, dreading it now

  • Good luck I'm sure your worring about nothing Noreen

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