Can bending over start an AF episode?

Good morning, I had my first cryo ablation last January and have had 6 episodes of AF since. I have stopped each with PIP 200mg flecanide. Yesterday's episode started whilst bending over and polishing a low coffee table. I have also had fluttering whilst bending over and hanging out the washing. Can the bending over upset the heart? Perhaps I should stop housework!! Happy Sunday. Bella :)

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  • Yes. Before my ablation i had never noticed this but afterwards , most definitely.

  • Thanks deodottie, I wonder why that is. Willl have to learn to bend my knees!

  • Deodottie, how many episodes of AF have you had since your first ablation?

  • I didnt have any for the first 3 months then as i came off meds i had n episode which triggered tachycardia which i hadnt had before. bending down and other thingds were triggers then i went for months back on the meds with no events then suddenly it started again with tachycardia for 6 weeks then suddenly stopped. I have been fine since but still on meds and awaiting second ablation as there must be gaps in the scar tissue. X

  • ANYTHING can start an AF event if you are so pre-disposed. Sounds vagal to me just as large meals can compress the heart and set it off.

  • I have paroxysmal vagal AF and bending over, or indeed wearing anything tight around my waist (particularly if I have just eaten) definitely can have an effect on my heart, to the point where I now shower before I eat my breakfast. If I don't then bending over to wash or dry my feet / cleaning the bath afterwards will cause burping and acid reflux and that can be enough to trigger AF.

    Although I am now taking Dilzem and Apixaban and the AF events are much shorter and effects reduced, eating a big meal maybe later in the evening, sitting with my stomach squashed is still a trigger.

  • Oh yes, prior to my ablation I had episodes begin just leaning forward while brushing my teeth, bending over to set something down on a coffee table, or to pick something up from the floor. Really frustrating. And yes, you should probably stop the housework and just go for a nice walk :-)

  • I used to find stretching upwards (e.g. to paint a ceiling) could start my AF. Fortunately no such problems since my ablation but yes body position can affect things.

  • Yes. Getting into bed and turning over in bed are other common instances.

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