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Radiofrequency vs cryo ablation


So I met up with my ep last week with regards my forthcoming ablation at mri. He's going to contact me 6weeks prior and ask me to start the rivaroxaban. He has offered me the choice of ablations. My ep reckons both have same success rates but with cryo its alot quicker but potential for more complication although the risk is still small. I have opted for radio as he is going to stimulate the atria and look for other focal points. I was under the impression for what ive read that cryo was more successful though? Anyway ive put my cards on the table....hope its the right choice!

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Cryo is not able to deal with other than the four pulmonary veins but is best at dealing with them. If there are other areas of the atrium firing off then RF is best so I think you probably made the right choice.

I also think that you have made the correct choice. 25% of the population have conjoined pulmanory veins entering the heart. The entry hole is too large for the cryo balloon. Quite why this was not picked up when I had a heart scan I will never know but I was lucky and had a conventional ablation.

Good luck with it and remember that Bob ( rightly ) promised that it's not as bad as root canal treatment at the dentist's.

Cryo if you have 4 distinct PV's. If you need a touch up then go with RF. Good luck!

Can't your EP choose the best method? Will he be working with a 3-D image of your heart that shows all the various structures? If not, he isn't using the most up-to-date methods. I say this because my cardio/EP did exactly that. He knew well before the ablation (pulmonary vein) what my heart's internal structure looked like and was thus able to select the best method for me (cryo). However, he had both setups available in case something came up that called for using RF.

Perhaps you might want to ask about some of this?

If your heart problem can be addressed with cryablation, I believe it is likely to be more successful. It all depends on what problems you are trying to address.

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