It Could Be You!

Taken from the Daily Mail website regarding the couple who've £33 million on the National Lottery:

"He is a keen golfer but has been unable to play for some months due to a heart condition called Atrial Fibrillation. Mrs Martin added: 'David has been suffering in recent months from an irregular heart rate and has been taking medication to help control it.

'He will need to have a small operation soon to help steady the pulses and after that should be back out on the golf course before too long.'

I certainly hope that over excitement and sheer elation isn't a trigger for Mr Martin!

7 Replies

  • I really am heartbroken for them. What responsibility is that , even after he pays to have it done privately?

  • Well or will leave a slot in the queue for someone else!!!!

  • If he plays golf anything like me, he'll need most of that money to pay for the lost balls!

  • Ah good luck to them, and hope they donate to BHF

  • If the big blue finger pointed at me I'd go straight into AF, for sure...

  • At least someone with AF has been given a lift in life good luck to them (wish it was me lol)

  • He can afford the best treatment, Do yo think he would pay for some Ablation

    for some of us what need them.

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