Waiting time for ablation and stress test results

I had an ablation in Dec 2011 and that worked fine until a year ago with just the odd episode of AF. In Feb 2012 AF kicked back in again and now I am in very symptomatic AF every 2 weeks and episodes last 2 weeks. I finally saw my consultant in October 2013 and he has scheduled me for a 2nd ablation. The problem is the waiting list is 10 months and I fear I will be permanent by then. I agreed to try Flecanide as a pill in the pocket and had to have stress test to check for heart damage first. It is now 7 weeks and the tests are not back! Bisporol is not working and I feel terrible. Has anyone else waited so long for results or ablations? I live in the North West of England

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  • Neither of those drugs work on me but they do on plenty of others. Have they tried you on other drugs to get the one for you? If you can control the AF then waiting 10 months shouldn't be a problem. I had 24/7 AF years ago and it was halted completely by Propafenone, which suited me at the time. Then had an ablation some 2+ years later. I had to come off the drugs before the op, the AF returned nicely and the ablation sorted me out for 8 years, no drugs, completely clear. My EP said that having 24/7 AF was an advantage when he did the op because he would know straight away whether they had got it or not, and he was right. So I'm not sure that having 24/7 AF is a problem with an ablation because I'm living proof that it may not be, but got a feeling it's how long you've been permanent that matters. I am not medical at all, just my opinion.



  • Thanks Koll. Yes if it was under control I would feel a lot happier waiting. I have a feeling bisoprol is not doing it-except making me tired. I have low blood pressure to start with so maybe that's why. I reluctantly agreed to flecanide as a pill in pocket, but still waiting to see if that would be ok for me. A friend is on Propafenone and it works well for her- I may ask if I can try it. It's encouraging to know that you were in 24/7 and then something sorted it. Before my last ablation I too was in 24/7 and yes I think he said it was easier, but that I had a lot of areas and he didn't think he had got them all. Just found this forum and it's great- thanks!

  • Hi. I recently started 100mg x2 flecanide and very low dose bisoprolol. It has completely contained my A.F. and changed my life. If it stops working I will have an ablation as I would be devastated to be symptomatic again. I know flecanide is not right for everyone. I guess I am lucky. X

  • thanks dedeottie- I am hoping flecanide works for me- I just wished I didn't have to wait over 7 weeks to find out if I can take it!

  • Ali, are you under an EP or cardio? Can you phone their secretary to get the results?


  • Yes under EP at Blackpool Cardiac unit. Keep phoning secretary and she keeps saying- they take a long time- up to 6 weeks. It's past 6 weeks and she's supposed to be 'looking into it.' She implies that as it's a different part of the hospital there's not much she can do. When he told me the waiting list was 10 months my EP was embarrassed. Not their fault- funding I guess. Still no fun for patients.

  • Oh dear, I thought that might be the quick route!

  • I wonder if it's worth asking if there is another hospital with a shorter waiting list for ablation? If you rang some of the experienced centres in London and asked about their waiting lists, if you found a much shorter one I.m sure your EP could refer you= also not supposed to wait for more than 18 weeks for any treatments so you can oush on this I think!

  • Thanks rosyG that's worth thinking about. Will start doing some research.

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