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AF returned. Feeling so disappointed.

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I had my second ablation on 15th August. I had one 5 hour AF episode after 3 weeks but nothing since, until tonight. Absolutely gutted. Never even got as far as stopping my meds as doctor said we'd see about that after Christmas. Not that my medication ever controlled my AF anyway. Was so hopeful for the second ablation doing the trick. Moan over...just had to share with people who would understand how I feel.

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How disappointing blackcat123 . But that's over three months. How long was your first?

I can relate to that disappointment, so sorry and hope it soon ends.

Is it any less symptomatic than before ablations? I ask that because I have had 2 episodes quite recently after 2 years of not so much as a flicker - I was not nearly as symptomatic with either and not incapacitated much at. I have had nothing recently and I am not on any meds.

Hope for your sake it is a one off and part of the healing process.

Best wishes CD.

seems very early to assume it's not going to be OK???

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Don't be too put out as it may still be a one off. I always say three to six months regardless of what the doctors tell you. Mind you I needed three but AF free now for 81/2 years

I had some episodes 5 months after ablation. Then settled and three years later i am still af free so dont give up yet.


Sorry to read that....hopefully a short episode and fast gone by the time you read this. Stay strong and keep well

I'm maybe heading for one but I never give up to share my opinion......We must understand that an ablation is like an emergency procedure with very uncertain outcome so we must avoiding it like a pest.....the EP consider the diet useless and tell us that they don't know we're the electrical signals coming from.

In this desperate situation we must use desperate measure that we like it or not "Diet it's a must and must be tried" after all it's every were that the food is compromised so???

You probably get fibrosis in your heart so why don't repair this damaged tissue first?

Stem cells are at the corner ask you EP about it and tell him that despite they deny this at some famous hospital people is being injected with them and they are better after all a younger heart can afford Afib much better but this is not official because cost money..... Imagine to tell to an EP ablator that from today ablation is a failure and he cannot perform the operation no more he will scream were are my money?

I'm sorry for your situation try some fruit diet for a while be extremely good with your heart and body , stop alcohol, pizza , coffee, chocolate, become a maniac in treating well your body

and most of all get documentated about AFIB and don't trust doctors they there to makes money then if the ablation working they will state " Very good we do what we can " they know is a failure but they make money from that so " we are here to help translate means = we know afib will recurring but with it we got fame and money there is nothing better treatment at the moment so why not ?

The future treatment are regenerative Stem cell that will keep you heart younger but we need desperately get there at any cost doing lots of sacrifice that most of the people are not accept to do like a strict diet.

All the best I'm here to "really" help.

I know how you feel blackcat123.

I had my 5th ablation in September.

Sadly since then I have had AF at least every 3 weeks.

Whilst I used Flecainide to resolve it To NSR I did have to have one cardioversion too about 6 weeks ago.

The most recent AF was last Thursday and like you I was so disappointed and I got very depressed - feeling better now I am back in NSR.

I know Bob says it can happen for up to 6 months but I do not feel at all confident.

Haing said that I see my EP in January and if he offers another ablation I will consider accepting the offer as there has been no other option to rid me of this curse that has been suggested.

We are all different and ablation clearly works for the majority but not so far for me!


Thank you all for replying. My episode lasted 3 hrs but then continued to go in and out of AF all evening. Calm this morning. I also didn't mention that I was feeling rotten yesterday and have developed a nasty chest infection so that may not be helping. In answer to a few questions, my first ablation didn't work at all POrtnahapp1e, in fact I was worse than before. CDreamer, my symptoms just seemed as bad as before unfortunately. Great to hear that some of you have been free from AF for so long! That's my dream!!! As to healthy living, I have avoided caffeine, smoking, drinking etc. for years. I could do with losing a bit of weight it's true and am trying. Limited to exercise at the moment as I also have a bad back and hip! Oh the joys of getting older! I'm 60 next year but sometimes feel about 90! Thanks again for your advice and understanding.


It's very disappointing isn't it. I hope it settles for you. Mine lasted two months and now on Amioderone with 3rd booked in for January as the Amioderone didn't work. Saying that I have been in NSR for the past week, fingers crossed I haven't spoken too soon. Yours may settle can take up to 6 months. Best wishes.


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