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Af and hydrodilation

I have PAF and have episodes about 4 times a year at the moment, the last one being in Sept, it's usually sorted with 300mg of flecinide. I,m also om 2.5mg bisoprolol to help me sleep ( I was getting tachycardia/af when lying down. I had a frozen right shoulder a few years ago one had hydrodilation which involves injecting a dye into the shoulder joint then saline, anethesetic and steroids into the joint to over inflate it and break up the adhesions, not nice but it worked. I think recall having af after the procedure, I've just had it done again on the other side and woke up with Af at about 4am, took the flecinide and it settled, but woke up about 8 with it banging about again, it's slipping in an out of af again now although not very fast (70 -80) although it might just be ectopics. Is an orthopaedic treatment like this a known trigger, I must have a bucket of steriods and die in my system!

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Hi, Devonian, happy new year! I had a similar injection for my hip in nov. it had no effect on my af, but my blood glucose level was raised for about two days. Oh, and I got a brilliant rash on my face and neck - I was astonished till I googled it. happily, I have minimal pain from hip, so good all round. I'm sure if it was an af trigger for you, it will settle quickly. JanR.


Hi Jan, happy new year to you too. I popped into A and E and was seen quickly and given an ecg, it turned out to be pvcs and a rapid heart beat, not something I normally experience the flecinide usually knocks it on the head pretty quickly.

They kept me in for a couple of hours to monitor but it soon settled down and have been let home. I hope my hydrodilation works as well as my last, no red face so far! But I guess they know about the blood sugar thing as they didn't stop asking me if I had diabetes.



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