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svt diagnoised

I've just been diagnosed with svt with heartbeats of 240 n then into resus with the wonder drug n wen back round into the real world again I'm absolutely drained n sleep for hours...I'm on bisoprolol 5mg....I really need some advice here as I'm feeling really having an ablation in bout 3 months and need sum advice on how to control this...I'm on msg free diet and decaff drinks n now not working until the op....can anyone help

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First, don't panic. I realised when I was diagnosed that I'd been having "episodes" for years and not known what it was until I was put on steroids for giant cell arteritis which made things much worse. Bisoprolol should keep things more or less at bay, though I found it affected my eyes, making them very dry, and had to have eye drops to counteract. I had to wait nearly a year for my ablation, but a month on have list the feeling of waiting for it to happen when I get stressed or over exert myself. Take it steady, try not to look for symptoms all the time which will make you more stressed, and keep taking the tablets!


I have SVT, the best bit I am able to control things and slip back into SR just by doing a few simple things. I am not any medication, as I found this made me worse and I did not like the side effects; then my heartbeat got was around 240bpm and of course I was given adinsone each time it would not revert back SR, Now when I feel an episode starting I remove myself from whatever I am doing, sip ice cold water , apply vagal stimulation and start to laugh, if you can, bear down as hard you can, this also helps. Cardiac Ablation was mentioned to me several years ago, but I don't fancy being hooked up to the national Grid and having my heart played with. When I worked for the NHS, the stress was unbelievable, now I am retired, it is so much better. it was one of my junior doctors who diagnosed SVT one day and whipped me around to A & E for treatment. I have gone through Army medicals and never has this been picked up. As a child I used to have episodes, but was told to sit down and be quiet, I wasn't diagnosed until I was nearly 60. I thought it was normal if anyone over exerted themselves or got so stressed. The irony is a lot of my family are doctors and it was never picked up. then again I was the who's appendics ruptured because Mum thought I was bunging it on and was trying to get out of doing something I didn't want to do. Pain in our family was something you never talked about, you just got on with it and when it subsided that was it. I am digressing.

I have a healthy diet, have been able to lose about 28lbs, the weight piled on when I was on medication for the SVT. My cardiologist was horrified when I told him, I am doing this holistically. Since then I have not needed any treatment at the hospital. My eyesight has improved to extent I no longer need to wear glasses, I did need glasses when I was on medication. I have been doing this now for nine years.

Until I can't control things holistically, I am doing it my way. it has worked every time.


I've noticed my eyes have been more blurry than normal...didn't think to put two n two together....I had attack last night before I wrote the above n having few little twinges today....I'm using the syringe to breathe down n push down technique not at days.....I was told by specialist that the ablation can cause a stroke 1 in 300 n bit scared...thnx for all ur comments.


I would not advise what I did to any one, just that I have found a way for it to work for me. I forgot about the breathe down technique, I suppose I do this unconsciously when I bear down.

I was glad that I could return to SR with just the adenosine, admittedly it used to take three attempts, but better than being shocked back into SR.

I would speak to your doctor about the problems with your vision and the medication, Don't let him/her fob you off.

Are you in the States or England?


I'm in Essex UK...I don't let anyone fob me off lol I ask all the Q&As lol...I'm just anxious having ablation...the last thing I need is a stroke....I suppose no one does diet is msg free n boring ..even though I'm having a roast cooking now lol....

I'm just finding all this very hard to deal with


Just down the road from me I'm in Cambridgeshire. I never use MSG in anything, actually we don't eat take aways or processed foods, because I am gluten free, so everything is cooked from scratch and definitely not boring.

I am sure someone will come along with opinions to help guide you.

if you travel, you need to declare the SVT on the travel insurance form, it cost me £180.00 extra a year, we travel a lot and have an annual policy.

Our problem, if using the NHS, we never seem to see the doctor twice, so you get different opinions and whatever is the flavour of the month and depending on the local funding. Are you able to see someone privately and get another opinion regarding the cardiac ablation? If I was to have one, I would only trust it to be done at Papworth. Just my opinion and from knowledge having worked in the NHS.


Lol I'm bored of healthy food tbh..I so miss Chinese which is massive on msg...I've found an Indian restaurant that's msg I'm little bit happier lol..

All off aunt Bessie's stuff is msg free so I'm lucky now...

Ohh ur not to far away are you spending today?

How do u put on pics?


I don't eat Chinese, but love Thai. Eating healthy for me, is make sure I use fresh ingredients, I use rapeseed oil, I do use butter as margarine is one molecule away from plastic, I know where my meat comes from, the farmer over the back of us kills his own beasts, we buy our eggs from a local free range chicken farmer, you go over there and the hens come down to the gate to meet you.

I have a baby raptor in the oven it will ready about 4, have made lemon Tiramisu for dessert this is a treat for both of us. Just the two of us and the five cats, we know how to live hahahahaha. We will be heading overseas in the new year to catch up with family and friends generally a way for a month at a time, we are heading for OZ come back for a couple of weeks and then head to our second home Texas.


Ohhh I'm in my own n love it before ya go awwww lol.

I'm having beef roast... We don't have the luxury of farms here..well local anyway...

I was suppose to be abroad now but my specialist said "no way are you flying" how do u handle flying? ....he said I can't fly until after my ablation...


It has never bothered me. I had one SVT while in Texas. I was about to head up to Scott and White, the local hospital, I started to laugh at something and slipped back into SR. It was to hours before I made this decision to go to the emergency room.

Sharon, remove your phone number, as I am not too sure who reads these threads, just a safety thing.

I don't know how to post pics on this forum.

Roast beef sounds nice.


I get upto 240 beats n have to call ambulance all time..I wish I could learn how to bring it bk...but breathing in syringe didn't W

Work n have to have the injections...last one had to have 3 hits...dinner nearly done mmm I'm starving


Hi I am 26 from London area have SVT up to 230. Adenosine has never worked for me. Had to always have verapamil

Had an ablation in Jan that was aborted as they found was more complex then usual. Trialed medication didn't work have been in resus 16 times since then. Was ablated in November again for 2nd time using robot technique all good so far. I was petrified to have it done but it's normal to feel that way. Had it done at Barts have been looked after so much.

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Ohh god dee I'd be petrified if I was in ur shoes...that's where I'm going..Bart's..or Basildon as they have good cardio unit there to they go into the wrist now rather than the groin?


No both times I had it through the groin. Barts have been brilliant with me would highly recommend them. How long have you had SVT for?


Only been diagnosed bout 8 weeks n its a living life's been put on hold had to give up my business n spoils anything I want to do...just hoping this Ablation works for me


I went two years with SVT symptoms was horrible, but fingers crossed the ablations had in November will stop the episodes. Hope all gets sorted for you! Wish you all the best. I am

In the process of trying to start a support group for people with arrhythmia but just need to find a medical lead first think

It would help people a lot to share stories and get some confidence back. Not sure if it will

Happen but if it does your local to



Sharyn, next time you are in A & E ask them to show the massage technique, also try slow sips of icy cold water. Try laughing too. Anything is better than the sweaty, thumping, jaw aching nastiness. The tiredness that follows after you have gone back to SR makes you feel so wretched.


I've tried the massage on the neck..its doesn't work n last visit to resus the heart specialist did it n he was surprised it didn't have an effect...I've always got cold water in fridge n that doesn't work either....I had about 5 little attacks yesterday

..not heart pumping ones but little pulpatating beats..was exhausted last nite after all my soaps lol feel better today n I'm going to the sales today see if that might help with my heart lol


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